Information Competency Assessment


The college is assessing its Insitutiuonal Leaning Outcome (ILO)  focused on critical thinking and information competency. 

The need for department faculty and librarians to develop a collaborated and integrated approach to teaching information competency skills has never been more important to boost student learning at all levels. Subject specific library  workshops that incorporate course goals provide more relevancy and students are more apt to apply the library skills to their coursework.

An integrated approach to assessment will identify IC concepts that are difficult for students to comprehend in short one-hour workshops and thus provide a basis for developing new strategies of teaching  these concepts.

Fall 2013 ILO #1/IC Assessment

During Fall 2013, CCSF will be conducting its first district-wide assessment of Institutional Learning Outcome #1: Critical Thinking and Information Competency.

One of the student learning outcomes encompassed by ILO #1 states that students are able to:

locate, retrieve, and evaluate information using appropriate research strategies, tools and technology.

Because librarians work with faculty and students from all  departments,  a campuswide assessment of this SLO will provide valuable infromation about our students and this critical skill.

Faculty who request subject-specific library workshops will be asked to participate in an assessment of their students information competency skills.  A pre and post assessment will occur before and after the workshop. A faculty assessment will also be administered.  Analysis of data will be added to the district assessment of IC skills throughout the college.

  • PRE-Library Workshop Student Questionnaire 
    The Pre-Questionnaire is designed to test students basic knowledge of information resources, access tools and search  techniques. It will provide librarians and department faculty a basic idea of what knowledge students possess when seeking infromation and what IC concepts are more difficult to comprehend so that more focus can be presented and taught in greaster detail.
  • POST-Library Workshop Student Questionnaire
    The Post-Questionnaire will provide students with another activity to reinforce and assess their learning. Analysisi of the pre and post-questionnaires should provide a snapshot of the infromation competency skills CCSF students possess and which skills need more reinforcement and learning activities.
  • FACULTY Feedback on Student Research Skills
    Faculty feedback on students' ability to incorporate information competency skills (e.g. finding appropriate source material; evaluating it for quality; and using it ethically) into their coursework will help librarians understand what is needed to progress these skills across all disciplines. It is an exercise useful in understanding what instructors need from librarians and what librarians need from instructors to assist in teaching these critical skills. New ideas, increased collaboration and better assignments are some of the goals of this assessment!