Citation Steps

Checklist for citations

1.  Use the resources on the Citing Sources page for the citation format (such as MLA or APA) you need to follow.

2.  Check the kind of source you are using

  • Is it print, electronic, or other?
  • Is the source in a book, a print journal, a journal in an online database, on online journal or magazine, a website, or another kind of source?
  • Did you use the whole source (the entire book or website, for example), or just an article in it?

3.  Gather the following information as is appropriate for your source

  • Article or chapter title, and page numbers
  • Title of whole source (book, journal, documentary, website, etc)
  • Author(s) (last and first names). It may be an organization name, or a government agency.
  • City and publisher of book, sponsor of website, or name of database
  • Date of issue or publication (and edition number if necessary)

4.  Write your citation using all the information your citation handout instructs for the kind of source you are citing.


Always check:

  • Did I include all the parts of the citation I’m supposed to?
  • Is the information that I gathered for the citation correct? (It’s a good idea to test URLs.)
  • Are all the parts in the right order?
  • Did I leave a hanging indent?
  • Did I capitalize the title of the article and/or the title of the source the way it is in the handout?
  • Did I put the volume and issue numbers, page number and date in the exact same format as in the handout?
  • Did I italicize where I’m supposed to?
  • Did I correctly punctuate my citation for the style?