Subject Librarians

Members of the CCSF community may request materials for purchase that augment and support the instructional curriculum. Selection is guided by the Collection Development Policy.

The selectors listed below are for the Ocean Campus. Requests for materials at the Media Center or center libraries should be directed to their respective coordinators. See information listed at the bottom of this page.

Department Selector Box Ext. E-mail
Administration of Justice Anthony Costa R413 5589
African American Studies Anthony Costa R413 5589
Aircraft Maintenance Technology Anthony Costa R413 5589
American Sign Language Yi Liang R506A 5469
Anthropology Sirous Monajami R410 5569
Architecture Lisa Velarde R413 5545
Art Kate Connell R413 5546
Asian American Studies Yi Liang R506A 5469
Asian Studies Yi Liang R506A 5469
Astronomy Alan D'Souza R413 5522
Automotive/Motorcycle Lori Brown R413 5585
Biological Sciences Karen Saginor R413 5571
Broadcast Electronic Media Arts Wendy Owens R413 5548
Business Lori Brown R413 5585
Chemistry Alan D'Souza R413 5522
Child Development & Family Studies Chad Stephenson R413 1870
Chinese Yi Liang R506A 5469
Cinema Sirous Monajami R410 5569
Computer Networking and Info Tech Kim Ginther-Webster R519 5494
Computer Science Kim Ginther-Webster R519 5494
Construction & Building Maint. Lori Brown R413 5585
Counseling Charlotte Bagby R413
Consumer Education Kate Connell R413 5546
Culinary Arts and Hospitality Mgt Andrea Niosi SW156 3460
Dance Michele McKenzie R506A
Dental Assisting Julian Prentice R506A 5471
Disabled Students Courses Janet Tom R413 5576
Earth Sciences Alan D'Souza R413 5522
Economics Janet Tom R413 5576
Educational Technology Michele Alaniz R413 5549
Engineering & Technology Joao Barretto R506B 5441
English Wendy Owens R413 5548
EOPS Charlotte Bagby R413
ESL Sirous Monajami R413 5569
Environmental Horticulture and Tech Janet Tom R413 5541
Ethnic Studies (see individual areas)
Fashion Wendy Owens R413 5548
Fire Science Anthony Costa R413 5589
Foreign Languages (see individual languages)
French Joao Barretto R506B 5441
German Joao Barretto R506B 5441
Graphic Communications Kate Connell R413 5546
Health Education/Health Care Technology Julian Prentice R506A 5471
History (US & Western Civilization) Joao Barretto R506B 5441
Humanities Lisa Velarde R413 5545
Interdisciplinary Studies Yi Liang R506A 5469
Italian Joao Barretto R506B 5441
Japanese Yi Liang R506A 5469
Journalism Wendy Owens R413 5545
Labor and Community Studies Manly Horowitz R413 5541
Latin American and Latino Studies Joao Barretto R506B 5441
Learning Assistance Michele Alaniz R413 5549
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies Maggie Frankel R413
Library Information Technology Chris Kox R517 5519
Mathematics Alan D'Souza R413 5522
Music Wendy Owens R413 5548
Nursing Julian Prentice R506A 5471
Older Adults Michele Alaniz R413 5549
Philippine Studies Yi Liang R506A 5469
Philosophy Mauro Garcia R510 5468
Photography Kate Connell R413 5546
Physical Education Michele McKenzie R506A
Physical Science Alan D'Souza R413 5522
Physics Alan D'Souza R413 5525
Pilipino Yi Liang R506A 5469
Political Science Anthony Costa R413
Psychology Michele Alaniz R413 5549
Radiologic Sciences Julian Prentice R506A 5471
Reference Lisa Velarde R413 5545
Russian Joao Barretto R506B 5441
Sociology Michele Alaniz R413 5549
Spanish Joao Barretto R506B 5441
Speech Communication Lisa Velarde R413 5545
Student Health Services Julian Prentice R506A 5471
Theatre Arts Lisa Velarde R413 5545
Trade Skills Kate Connell R413 5546
Transitional Studies Chad Stephenson R413 1870
Women's Studies Wendy Owens R413 5548

Requests for the following locations should be sent to the librarians listed below:

Library Selector Phone E-mail
Alice Statler, Ocean Campus Andrea Niosi (415)239-3460
Chinatown/North Beach Mark Fan (415)395-8643
Civic Center Chad Stephenson (415)561-1870
Downtown Suzanne Lo (415)267-6505
Evans Lori Brown (415)550-4426
John Adams Sascha Hutchings (415)561-1983
Josephine Cole, Southeast Karen Chan (415)550-4353
Mission Mauro Garcia (415)920-6137
Audiovisual & Media Center Alexander Valentine (415)452-5426

Locations with limited library service Selector Phone E-mail
Airport Anthony Costa (415)452-5589
Fort Mason Kate Connell (415)452-5546