Library Instruction for Your Class

Subject Specific Workshops

To promote student success in developing effective information competency skills, reference librarians can tailor workshops to specific assignments or course objectives.

To arrange a customized class workshop, please complete this form.

Ocean campus workshops are generally held in the Rosenberg Library's instructional lab, room 414, but may also be scheduled at other campus labs. The instructional lab contains space and computers for twenty-four students. If you would like to see the current reservations for R414 before requesting a workshop, check the classroom calendar.

If you have questions about our instruction services. please contact Lisa Velarde at 452-5545, or the library liaison for your department. At other campuses, contact the campus librarian to discuss instructional options.


Tours & Orientations

Tours of the Rosenberg Library are offered on a limited basis to visiting groups by calling 452-5545. CCSF instructors desiring a tour should contact their librarian liaison or campus librarian. A paper-copy interactive walking tour for the Rosenberg Library is encouraged for individual or small groups of students.

Tours of the Media Center can be arranged by calling 452-5423.

Embedded Librarians

Subject Librarians are available to actively participate in online and hybrid courses. However, simply allowing the librarian into the course isn't enough. It is most effective for the librarian to have an activity at a key time during the semester and then follow up.

Effective ways to introduce librarians into an online course:

  1. Select the appropriate week in the semester for a librarian to introduce, reinforce or teach information competency (IC) skills.
  2. Allow the librarian to run a discussion forum on IC skills related to assignments in the course (e.g. database search techniques, evaluating sources, citation format, avoiding plagiarism).
  3. Provide a follow-up later in the semester and/or assessment of the activity.

Examples of Effective Embedded Librarians include:

Librarian forum on choosing a research topc. Students watch a video on narrowing  and creating viable research topics then present their topic in a disucssion post for other students and the librarian to comment.


Assignment Assistance

Librarians stay abreast of the latest research methods and are happy to help you get to know a new database or citation style.  They can also help you shape assignments in ways which support information literacy skills such as critical thinking and are available to provide suggestions about how to create learning opportunities that decrease the likelihood that your students will commit plagiarism. Contact your subject librarian to set up an appointment.