Library & Learning Resources staff are committed to providing accessibility of library materials, programs, and services to all students. Staff working in public areas will make every effort to accommodate requests from library users whose disabilities limit their use of library facilities and resources. If services are needed beyond those listed, or if you have questions or suggestions, please contact Library Administration at (415) 452-5454.

Disabled students requiring more extensive assistance may be referred to Disabled Student Programs & Services (DSPS) for better accommodation. DSPS is a student support program within the Division of Student Services. This program provides support services for classroom activities, use of adaptive equipment, and counseling for admissions and academic advisement.

Specialized Equipment and Software in the Libraries

All Library locations

As part of the Library's Windows 7 workstations, headphones are available for hearing impaired students when listening to audio as part of websites or audio/video playback of library materials on DVD or CD. Also, all Windows 7 machines include the Accessibility functions for students with hearing impairment (Narrator/Speech), sight impairment (Magnifier), or physical impairment (On-screen keyboard) (see to assist with all digital materials and use of the computer workstations.

Ocean Campus

Rosenberg Library has one workstation on the 4th floor, east end, reserved for DSP&S students.  Students must get the login and password from the office of Disabled Students Programs & Services. The trackball for this workstation may be checked out with a CCSF ID card at the Library Tech Support desk.  Software available includes Zoomtext, Kurzweil text reader.

A Sorenson Video Phone is installed inside the Rosenberg Library (stacks) 3rd floor near the elevators

Alice Statler Library has one computer workstation provided by DSP&S with Zoomtext software.

Chinatown North Beach Center Library has one workstation with an Optelec Clearview 300 viewing device available for students with vision impairments to access our print collection. A scanner is available for student use, allowing for OCR of print materials to be read aloud via the attached workstation.

Downtown Center Library has two computer workstations provided by DSP&S, each has attached a small flatbed scanner and headphones along with Internet Explorer, Office 2010 Suite, Kurzweil 3000 and ZoomText 9.1.

Evans Center Library has 1 computer workstation with Kurzweil  software. 

John Adams Center has 2 computer workstations provided by DSP&S, each have attached a small flatbed scanner and headphones along with Internet Explorer, Office 2010 Suite, Kurzweil 3000 and ZoomText 9.1. The library also has Clarity video magnifier and TV for enlarging text and images from hard copy.

Mission Center Library has 1 computer workstation designated for DSP&S use and an aladdin classic magnifier for enlarging text. An additional DSP&S computer workstationcan also be found in the Mission Center Learning Assistance Center (room 401).

Southeast Center Josephine Cole Library has study carrels and computer carrels that are ADA compliant. However, students need to contact DSP&S for their computer needs and make arrangement.


Additional Technology Resources

The High Tech Centers on the Ocean campus and John Adams center have more equipment and software available, with staff to assist students.

Ocean Campus High Tech Center, Batmale 213

John Adams Center High Tech Center, Masonic & Hayes, room 104