On the Web

Searching for information on the web efficiently requires developing a search strategy. Is the information sought very specific? If so,  a search engine is the best search tool to use with keywords to describe the exact information need. Unsure or looking for more general information on a topic?  Start with a subject directory and search broad topics. 

Subject Directories

Subject directories are small databases compiled by librarians and information experts, searchable by broad topics.

Search Tip! Browse by topic or search using broad terms. Keep searches simple.

Search Engines

Search engine companies such as Google are large databases that send computer software programs called robots or spiders to gather data on the web. Search engines search the full-text of billions of web pages.

Search Tip! Use specific words that will appear in the webpages you retrieve. Quotes around multiple words will search the words as a phrase. Don't use quotations around single concept words. Example: "gun control" California legislation will retrieve legislation on gun control in California.

Image, Audio and  Video Search Engines

The use of images, video and audio clips in reports and presentations is becoming more commonplace in school. Remember that these resources must also be cited!