Tours & Orientations

Rosenberg Library Entrance
Rosenberg Library Exterior View

 Rosenberg Library Orientation Workshops

Consider taking Workshop G at the Rosenberg Library where you'll learn how to:

  • Navigate the Library website to increase awareness of the variety of on-site and online services and resources.
  • Find a textbook on reserve and a book on a subject using CityCat, the online catalog.
  • Identify campus/center student support services and programs.

These workshops are usually given during the first few weeks of the semester.  An online version of Workshop G is also available.

 Rosenberg Library Tours

Tours of the Rosenberg Library are offered on a limited basis to visiting groups by calling 452-5545. CCSF instructors desiring a tour should contact their librarian liaison or campus/center librarian. A paper-copy interactive walking tour for the Rosenberg Library is encouraged for individual or small groups of students.

Tours of the Media Center can be arranged by calling 452-5423.

Other Center Libraries Tours and Orientations