Louise and Claude Rosenberg, Jr.

Image of Rosenberg Library entrance with quote: We like libraries, just like Andrew Carnegie liked libraries, because the basis of our society in the future is study.
Image of Rosenberg LIbrary
Image of atrium in Rosenberg Library

Louise and Claude Rosenberg in 1994 made a generous donation to the new library and learning resource center which opened in late 1995.  The funds allowed the College to provide a state-of-the-art library and learning resource centers for students and staff.   In their honor the new library was named the Louise and Claude Rosenberg, Jr. Library and Learning Resource Center. The Library and the Learning Resource Centers, more than ten years later, continue to have a major impact on the success of City College students. On any given day thousands of students use its facilities to do research, write essays, improve their foreign language skills, watch a video, listen to a lecture, get assistance from a tutor, practice reading skills, take a library workshop or simply to find a quiet place to study.  The students, staff and faculty of this College will always be grateful to the Rosenbergs for their generosity.

Rosenberg Library with quote from Louise Rosenberg: "I've watched City College develop over the years...it has grown and developed into an institution that is multifaceted in what it offers, with full-time and part-time students and working people who want to improve their situation; I really think its a great opportunity for people." --Louise Rosenberg, quoted in the Guardsman, February 22, 1996, page 4.
Rosenberg Library Staff and Louise Rosenberg celebrates 10th anniversary of the library.

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The Rosenberg Library includes two books written by Claude Rosenberg, Jr.

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