Library Assessment

SLO Assessment Process

In support of the Library & Learning Resources (LLR) mission, the Library engages in continual assessment of student learning outcomes. Twenty-first century academic librarianship centers around teaching students to become information competent. 

Information Competency (IC) student learning outcomes were identified and have been embedded into the College's General Education Area B: Written Composition requirement. Library program level outcomes (PLOs) were identified and aligned with the College mission and General Education requirements. PLOs tie student learning outcomes to the services and resources the library provides. The library continually assesses its instructional component through IC SLOs as well as its resources and services and their impact on student learning. Additionally, Language Center SLOs were developed and are being assessed separately.

Library & Learning Resources Program Level Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Plan, 2011

Assessment Cycles: Recommendations & Results

Data Driven Decisions & Assessment

Spring 2013 Program SLO Review

Collection Snapshot 2014

Library & Learning Resources Learning Outcomes

Mapping Upwards

Course Outcomes

Course outlines are on a regular cycle of review, during which  outcomes are updated and revised.

All of the course SLOs  are being assessed on a continual basis, and some changes are being implemented based on these assessments.

Course Title Course Outline Last Updated Stage Timeline
LIS 10 Fall 2009 5 2014/15
LIS 1000
Fall 2010

LIS 1000 is comprised of in-person and online workshops. Each workshop has its own learning outcomes which are assessed on a continual basis and changes to course content, assignments and delivery are improved based on the assessment results.

 SLOs  for each LIS 1000 Workshop

Assessment Planning Documents

Information Competency Assessment Reports

LLR Assessment Reports & Survey Results

Implementation Process & Templates