meeting with a counselor
meeting with a counselor
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Step 4:  Meet With A Counselor

6 Easy Steps

COUNSELORS ARE AVAILABLE THIS WEEK: JAN. 17 (Conlan Hall E-205) until 1p.m., and in the evening, during the week (M-TH) UNTIL 7 p.m. to assist you.

Just drop in to MU-39 (in the Multi-Use Bldg.) or Conlan Hall, Room E-205. No appointment necessary.


You will meet with an Academic counselor after you complete your online or in-person Orientation to CCSF. (see below for locations of counseling office). You and your counselor will complete the Initial Educational Plan, selecting courses for your first two semesters at City College. Once you  have completed Steps One through Four, the Initial Educational Plan and the Matriculation Component Card must be submitted to Conlan Hall, Room 204 in order to earn the earliest possible registration date.

If you are in a special program (e.g. International Students) you will need to see one of the counselors assigned to that program.  


PLEASE NOTE: After they've earned 15 units, students are required to meet with a counselor and develop a long-term education plan in order to maintain their registration priority.


Explore your career interests and goals here: Career Resources. Also, check out the other counseling services available to you at City College.


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Contact Us:

Academic Counseling- Conlan Hall and Centers

Conlan Hall Room 205

50 Phelan Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94112

(415) 239-3296

Academic Counseling-MUB

MU-39, Creative Arts Bldg Rm 201, Cloud Hall Rm 207

Phone: (415) 452-5235