Step 3:  New Student Orientation

All-in-One Days are back!

Test, attend an orientation, meet with a counselor

and register- all-in-one day!


(see below for details)



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New students are required to participate in an Orientation to City College. The orientation introduces you to essential programs, services and procedures at the College. You may participate in one of our upcoming All-in-One Days or complete an ONLINE ORIENTATION.

Students in special programs such as: International Students,  EOPS, concurrent High School, and certain vocational programs (e.g.: Culinary Arts and Hospitality, Nursing, Allied Health, Aeronautics, etc.) are required to attend special orientations targeted to those specific programs. Please contact those departments for more information.

Next step:  Meet With a Counselor



Test, attend an orientation, meet with a counselor and register*- all-in-one day! Plan to attend:

Saturday, January 24th (MU-188)  

(The day begins with testing in room E-101 in Conlan Hall.)

9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.


 Lunch will be provided!

(You may attend the orientation (12:30-2:30) on this day and register even if you've tested on an earlier date.)


Orientation will be in MU-188


Please call: 239-3124

to reserve your seat.


* You will need to go to the class and add full semester courses which have already begun. For short-term/late start classes that haven't begun and which are open, you will be able to register right away.


Find Your Community:

City College of San Francisco offers several first-year programs to help you immediately feel a part of the college and take some of the guesswork out of your academic planning. These programs offer their own sections of English, Math and other general education classes with excellent instructors.

In addition, each program has a designated counselor and often additional tutoring.  You will learn all about the First Year communities at any All-in-One Day. You can also find their information here: