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Transitional Studies/Credit Recovery

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Credit Recovery?
Credit Recovery is traditionally defined as a way to “recover” credit for a course that a student did not pass.

How does Credit Recovery differ from Dual Enrollment or Concurrent Enrollment?
Credit Recovery courses are noncredit CCSF courses that do not count for college credit, but do qualify for high school grades and credits.

Who is eligible to register for Credit Recovery course through CCSF?
High school students in the 10th, 11th or 12th grades are eligible to register, with referrals from the HS Principal/Designee and Parent/Guardian permission.

How much do Credit Recovery courses cost?
These classes are free of charge.

What is the role of your high school counselor in the Credit Recovery process?
The high school counselor can inform you if you are low on credits to graduate and refer you to the necessary classes.

Do I need to buy textbooks for Credit Recovery courses?
No, textbooks are supplied in class.

How are grades reported on my SFUSD high school transcript?
Grades are transferred from the CCSF Office of Noncredit Admissions and Records to the student's home high school transcript at the end of every semester.

What is expected of students?
All students are expected to start class on the first day and attend every class.