Transitional Studies/Credit Recovery

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Credit Recovery?
Credit Recovery is a way for high school students to get back on track for graduation by recovering missed credits/classes required for high school graduation. All Classes are tuition free.

What kind of credit will I earn?
You will earn high school credit to make up the course or credits you are deficient. 1 semester course=5 credits. You must take your final grade to your high school counselor to hav ethe credit added to your high school transcript. 
ATTENDANCE is mandatory to succeed in the course and earn credit. 

Who can enroll?
High school students 16 years of age or older with completed consent forms with parent & principal approval. You can access these forms at or

When can I enroll?
Classes fill up on a first come- first served basis. Students can start enrolling on November 2nd. Last day to add provided there are still open seats available is February 5th. Students are expected to attend the first day of class. 

What should I bring to the first day of school?
Bring COURSE INFORMATION Slip which contains information about the class you have enrolled in: campus address, room number, teacher's name, time, and your CCSF ID# if you already have it. 

How do I drop a course?
If you are taking this course for credit recovery, please carefully consider whether dropping this course would be in your best interest. If you must drop this course, it is the student's responsibility to notify the instructor if you are dropping the course.You must do so in order to remove your name from the class roster and avoid a failing grade on your record. You should also notify your high school counselor immediately if you are considering dropping a course. 

Where are courses offered:
CCSF John AdamsCenter                         Mission Center
1860 Hayes Street, 94117        OR           1125 Valencia Street, 94110

What courses are offered?
Math, English, Science, History, Art, Health Electives, and ELD English
(See full course list for schedule)

Where do I get my CCSF Student ID Card?
At this time, the only locations that you can get your ID card are the Ocean Campus, 50 Phelan Avenue, 94112- Smith Hall 118 or Downtown Center, 88 4th Street.