2. Complete Assessment

Important Announcement:

To further limit the potential of COVID-19 spreading within our local community, City College of San Francisco temporarily suspended face to face student services and instruction effective Friday March 13. Starting March 30, Student Services will continue offering remote services and you can continue to receive resources from our department websites and COVID-19 Corona Virus Response FAQs.

For questions or to request assistance please contact:

·         Email:  testing@ccsf.edu or prereq@ccsf.edu

5 Steps

Assessment Center Overview

The Assessment Center strives to ensure that students achieve their educational objectives by providing student services such as placement assessment, new student orientation, and requisite enforcement and clearance. The Assessment Center provides quality and timely services on the Ocean Campus and at various educational centers serving all students in both credit and non-credit divisions throughout the District.

AB 705

We no longer offer any placement testing for English or Math.

With the newly enacted Assembly Bill 705, students may receive English and Math course placements using high school performance data. To find out more information about the legislation and options to complete the assessment step, please go to our AB 705 page.

AB 705 YouTube video: Know Your Rights: The AB 705 Initiative and What it Means for Students

Assessment for placement is a successful pathway to college. Please review your English, ESL, and Math placement options below. Your placement process will also include a few steps of student support services: 

·         College/AP, SAT or ACT Records

·         International Students/F-1 Visa

·         High School Concurrent Enrollment Students

·         Using High Schools/GED Records

·         Using self-reported High School GPA/GED details, if unavailable

You are almost done, please complete the online orientation and schedule an online appointment to meet a counselor: https://esars.ccsf.edu/

English as a Second Language (ESL): Placement Test

Should you take the ESL test?

·         Is English the first language you learned as a child?

·         Did you complete most of your education in the English language?

·         Do you usually speak English with your friends or co-workers?

If you answered "NO" to more than one of these questions, you should consider taking the ESL Placement Test. Even if you have been in the U.S. for several years, you will benefit from CCSF credit ESL courses, which are offered at many levels.


How to take the Credit ESL Placement Test?


The college is closed because of Covid-19 right now, but students can still take a test to see which ESL level is best. The ESL Guided Placement Tool (CLICK HERE).

If you have not submitted an admissions application, please go to www.ccsf.edu/apply

After you answer the questions on the ESL Guided Placement Tool, the Testing Office will contact you. If you have any questions, please contact the Testing Office at (415) 239-3124 or email testing@ccsf.edu.

How to take the Non-Credit ESL Placement Test?

If you want to take a noncredit ESL Placement Test (click here)

如果您想參加非學分的ESL入學考試,(請點擊 此處)

Si desea realizar una prueba de nivelación de ESL sin crédito, (haga clic aquí)


Other Tests

ATB (Ability To Benefit)

To see if you meet eligibility requirements log on to: www.studentaid.ed.gov or call Financial Aid  (415) 239-3577


Health Competency

Important Links & FAQ

Placement Test Results 

Test Results will be via-email to student's CCSF email address within 3-5 business days (excluding holidays & weekends).

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