Telephone Operations

Communication is key!

The City College telephone system uses Alcatel-Lucent Voice over IP (VoIP) technology. Each campus has its own local telephone system and there are currenlty three voicemail systems shared across the campuses which are being consolidated into one system during Summer 2018.

Benefits of this Solution:

  • Proven switch and voicemail technologies that provide exceptional reliability
  • Use of CCCF's existing state-of-the-art LAN and WAN network for telephone connectivity
  • Direct-Inward-Dial (DID) telephone numbers with private voicemail boxes for all staff members.
  • Speed with which telephone moves and changes can be performed when office relocations are required
  • In-house flexibility in adding telephone features, voicemail boxes for enhanced end-user functionality.
  • New capabilities for Name Look-up, Conferencing and Message Distribution to increase work efficiencies.
  • More cost-effective maintenance of telephones, voicemails and systems.

Telephone User Guides

Below is the User Guide for the Reflex telephone sets.

Voice Mail User Guides