WiFi Hotspot Locations


The list below indicates the location of the wireless access points. Depending upon building construction, and other matters that might affect propagation, one needs only to be near the hot spot in order to connect to the wireless system and not necessarily in the designated location.

OCEAN CAMPUS                                                    

200 series Bungalows:
Room 201

600 series Bungalows:
Room 605

Arts Extension:
2nd floor (Room 264)
1st floor (Studio A - Room 163)
1st floor (Room 167)
1st floor (Room 172)
1st floor (Room 187)

Batmale Hall:
7th floor
5th floor
4th floor
3rd floor (ACRC)
2nd floor
1st floor (ITS)

Cloud Hall:
3rd floor:
           Nursing Dept. (Room C340)
           Veteran's Lounge
           Rooms 363 & 364
2nd floor (Room 203A, 214)
1st floor (COmputer Lab - Room 115)

Conlan Hall:
Room 200

Creative Arts:
3rd floor (Men Faculty Lounge - Room 317)
2nd floor (Women Faculty Lounge - Room 219, and Office - Room 203A)
1st floor (Ceramins Lab - Room 121, and next to Elevator & Practice Rooms)

Student Health Center:
Room 211

Rosenberg Library:
5th floor
4th floor
3rd floor
2nd floor (Learning Assistance Center)

Science Hall:
3rd floor (Rooms S302, 313B, 318, 346, 350)
2nd floor (Rooms S209-210, 254)
1st floor (Rooms S107, 113)
Basement (Rooms S3, 5, 8, 30, 37, 45, 49)

Smith Hall:
Statler Wing (Alice Statler Library)

Student Union:
2nd floor
1st floor

Visual Arts:
Lobby Area (Rooms 114A & 115A)
1st floor (Room 103B)
1st floor (Room 146)
1st floor (Gallery Obscura - Room 160)

Wellness Center:
1st floor

Multiuse Building (MUB)
1st floor (Assembly Room 140)
2nd floor (IDF - Room 229)
2nd floor (Multi-Use Room - Room 248)
2nd floor (IDF - Room 275)
3rd floor (Offices Rooms 303-351)
3rd floor (IDF - Room 375)

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  *  *  *

2nd floor (Student Lounge)

8th floor
5th floor
2nd floor (Library)

2nd floor  
1st floor

Building A:  4th floor (Library)
Building A:  2nd floor (Mission Media Studies Center)
Building B:  4th floor (Student Area)
Building B:  3th floor (Teacher's Area)
Building B:  1st floor (Cafe)

5th floor
4th floor
3rd floor

2nd floor (Library)
Ground floor (Lab - Room 47C)
Basement (Cafeteria - Room 61)

Main Building:
     1st through 14th floors
Annex Building:
     4th floor (Tel/Comm Room A405A)
     1st floor (Auditorium Room A103)