ITS Projects: Status Summary


Here's what we’re working on and how we prioritize requests.

CCSF depends greatly on advanced technologies to operate smoothly. Under the college’s current tight budget constraints, developing smarter processes and more efficient technologies is the highest priority of ITS. Most of the technologies requested of the Technology Division involve a high degree of customization, which requires specialized staff’s dedicated attention. Often, our projects also involve other departments, outside contractors and vendors, and as well as compliance requirements from the government and even District’s Board of Directors.

Like all CCSF departments and programs, the ITS is trying to do more with a smaller budget and fewer staff, so while we would love to provide every one of our users with the most current technologies, we are often restrained by budget, risks assessments, government and district compliance and staff resources.

Below is or current list of projects (updated monthly).



ITS Project List

Project Status Legend
Project Number Project Name Status Due Date Percent Complete
11-001 Accutrack in DSPS
August 15, 2011
11-002 Accutrack in Fitness room
August 15, 2011 25%
11-003 Document Imagig - Phase 1 (Fin aide) May 25, 2011  
11-004 Bookloan project
11-005 Employee exit checklist
11-006 Employee Parking changes June 1, 2011  
11-007 Banner Key management Dec 1, 2011  
11-008 320 inconsistency report

CalB 320 reporting
March 1, 2011 5%
11-010 Banner Server replacement
September 29, 2011 5%
11-011 Public Safety Voice recording network connectivity    
11-012 Zero-client Beta Test 30-Jul-11 80%
Vets Center
11-015 Vet Center grade report July 15, 2011  
11-016 CQ CMS 5.4 upgrade August 15, 2011 25%
11-017 OS upgrade to fog and hills August 15, 2011 50%
11-018 Oracle upgrade on fog and hills August 15, 2011 5%
11-019 Emergency communication plan   15%
11-021 New employee orientation material August 5, 2011 25%
11-022 Quickstart CMS training July 30, 2011 40%