Q: Resource Requests

Describe your requests for resource allocation. Put projects in priority order.


Guidance by Request Type

  • Facilities – Many facilities requests do *not* need to go through program review. Use the work order system to request preventive maintenance and reactive repairs valued at less than $15,000. Use annual planning for  maintenance requests not fitting the above criteria or for requests involving new/changed facilities. Include location/building designation, room number, or grounds area.
  • Technology (IT and Ed Tech) Similarly, many technology requests do *not* need to go through program review. For faculty computers (replacements or for new faculty) and replacement of department networked printers, email helpdesk@ccsf.edu. Use annual planning to ask for upgrades to computers in computer labs, as well as other software/hardware needs. Software can also be included here. IMPORTANT NOTE: These requests in particular will be reviewed for sharing and leveraging possibilities across departments and areas.
  • Equipment (not IT) – If requested equipment requires assistance from Buildings & Grounds, e.g., requires a new power source or wiring, requires water or sanitary sewer connection, requires removal of waste gas or air, or requires connection to the fire alarm system, please clearly indicate so in the Request Overview section, making sure to include site information.
  • Classified Staffing – You do not need to include recently vacated positions; these will be considered through the VRG process. Please only include new requests (if any) that are clearly linked to a project you are proposing for consideration.  (Vacancy Review Group)
  • FPAC – Due to hiring timelines, full-time faculty requests have already been forwarded for consideration. Therefore, no additional resource request information is needed or required for full-time faculty this year. For more information see www.ccsf.edu/FPAC.  (Faculty Position Allocation Committee)
  • Reassigned Time – These decisions are not made through the Annual Plan process *except* when necessary for categorical projects and not part of regular faculty duties. For more information about categoricals see Matrix below.
  • Professional Development Conference and workshop attendance is not getting funded through annual planning processes. Please exclude from Annual Plans.
  • Supplies and Lower Budget Items – For any items under $200, please discuss with your Dean or Supervisor before including in Annual Plan.
  • Lab Aides – These decisions are not made through the Annual Plan process *except* when necessary for categorical projects. For more information about categoricals see Matrix below.


Notes & Materials

  • Most important for any request type – Be sure to describe what the resource will allow you to do. What need or gap are you trying to address?
  • Be judicioius – Especially for this year, rather than operations, keep the focus on improvement initiatives and ideas.
  • Be collegial -- Please share ideas about activities across areas/departments/offices and indicate that in your Annual Plan.

DEPENDENCIES are where you will link resource requests that depend on each other (example: computer lab and lab tech manager). Use judiciously. Link resources as dependent on one or more others ONLY if they truly are, or else you unnecessarily complicate the evaluation of your resource requests. (CurricUNET Resource Dependencies screenshots and explanations.)

ASSESSMENT REPORT LINKS are where you will link your resource requests to assessment reports submitted over the previous year. (CurricUNET Links to Assessment Reports screenshots and explanations.)