Resource Requests

8.  If additional funds become available, indicate your department’s top priorities for resource allocation.  Include new projects and/or requests to reverse specific reductions made during the last few years of fiscal austerity.  Put your projects in order of priority.  Add additional projects as necessary, including indication of priority order.

NEW!  For the first time this year Question 8 must be submitted in spreadsheet format.  This will allow requests to flow through the process more efficiently.  It will also better preserve the integrity and detail of your requests.  The spreadsheet format encourages you to insert linkages and explanations pertaining to the criteria upon which requests are rated and ranked. 

Ø  Those completing the program review insert linkages and explanations. 

Ø  Supervisors assign scores based upon a review of and discussion about the linkages and explanations, as well as upon the completed program review as a whole.

Suggestions and Notes

  • Based on what your department considers to be best practices for student success, identify and prioritize what’s needed to attain this high quality
  • When citing current or future needs, succinctly describe current state of staffing, equipment, supplies, and/or facilities in the “rationale” section, then describe rationale
  • Also in the rationale, clearly indicate who or what would be supported if the additional funding was awarded
  • When describing staffing needs, consider including any department-specific staff development needs
  • If requesting technology, please refer to additional materials provided by ITS regarding how to estimate costs – please also see lists with ages for desktops and labs   (available at
  • When appropriate indicate anticipated life expectancy for equipment and supplies and indicate any anticipated maintenance needs
  • When describing facilities needs, you may wish to include needs related to specific, physical classrooms even if those classrooms do not “belong” exclusively to your department (e.g., desks, blinds, et cetera)
  • If in doubt, include the request.  Although it is not possible to immediately fund all needs, and there are no special points awarded for number of times a particular request has been made, it’s important for your supervisor and for the college to understand what resources would help your unit to improve.  Additionally, it will prompt and inform conversations about longer term planning (beyond one year).
  • The timeline is very important to understanding true costs.  If one part of a particular project is ongoing and other parts are one time expenditures, please be specific.  You may also work with your supervisor to determine if a request can be submitted as a multiyear request with expenditures distributed over time. 
  • Funding may be contingent on additional review along with the scoring and ranking process.  For example, technology requests will be reviewed with ITS for appropriateness and feasibility.
  • Indicating eligibility for restricted funds (Perkins, Basic Skills, Other Grants, etc) does not constitute a full application for those funds.  Perkins applications, for example, require some additional steps be taken.  See page 1 of these guidelines for more information.