Question 7


7.  If your department faced a reduction in your overall departmental budget for next year (2015-2016), indicate the changes that would be made to the delivery of courses and/or services to adjust to the new allocation.



  • Suggested wording to use:  “Our department will prioritize…”
  • Describe how you would prioritize the courses or services offered if you had a significant reduction in your area (for example, you might decide to offer certain courses less frequently if those courses serve a small number of students)
  • Please indicate the anticipated impact on students and other college departments. 
  • Again, the primary concern is to minimize any negative impacts on student success and achievement! 

Qualitative indicators to consider include

1.     Ability of students to complete their degree or certificate to transfer or professional certificate.

2.     Potential for a disproportionate impact on diversity at CCSF.

3.     Effect on the quality of the overall programs offered and how this is perceived by the students.

4.     If course offerings are reduced, is there replication of the reduced courses offered in the surrounding area?

Quantitative indicators include

1.     Consider the persistence of students taking courses in order to complete a program.

2.     Review course retention rates.

3.     Is the course offered infrequently? Does the frequency of offering impact steps to achieving particular certificates or vocational licenses?

Note: the “overall department budget” includes all direct expenses, e.g., personnel, courses, supplies, et cetera.