Question 6


6.  Assuming a status quo budget for your unit, indicate your department’s major planning objectives for next year (2015-16).  Include objectives that utilize status quo resources as well as objectives that do not require new resources.



  • Consider ideas that worked in the past and need to be revisited
  • Suggested wording to use:  “Our department will collaborate, support, assess & implement, develop, upgrade, articulate, institute, encourage…”
  • If applicable, describe anticipated programming adjustments designed to respond to changes in priority registration and course repeatability
  • Summarize / reference Enrollment Management principles that were used, e.g., strategies to increase or stabilize FTES; (2) strategies to increase efficiencies and/or productivity; and (3) strategies to increase retention and persistence
  • NOTE:  The primary concern is minimizing any negative impacts that a status quo budget (no increase) might have on student success and achievement, including completion of degrees and certificates and/or transfer.