Question 5

5.  Summarize your progress to date on the major objectives you identified in last year’s program review (excluding progress already cited in #4).


  • Discuss the progress on non-SLO-related practices and activities in your department/program
  • List and briefly describe accomplishments since last program review
  • If accomplishments and activities can be linked to your SLOs but this has not already been described in response to Question 4, then please describe links
  • List areas of continued concern in your department/ program where progress has been difficult; rank areas in order of importance


Example:  Engineering and Technology (Welding)

The following statement appears above the department’s comments: “BLUE if from last year’s tasks, GREEN is the current status of the task”

Fill the vacant position of the recently retired faculty, Kennth Crizer and Charles Collins, and a 3rd one becoming vacant this coming year, Thomas Angeloff, to get new faculty with a background in energy to help develop and implement the new programs.                  

The first two positions were approved by FPAC. Thomas Angeloff’s position will be requested in the next FPAC review cycle.

Assess and implement a state-of-art interface to track students in our technical training curriculum through transfer and placement in employment. The name of this interface is PLAKSA.  The system was implemented as an experiment in spring 2011 as TECH 199x for biotech program.  A group of faculty, led by the chair along with the founder of, have planned a presentation at Hi Tech Conference in summer of 2011 in San Francisco about this experiment and the steps to follow.

Develop a state-of-the-art energy efficiency training facility to minimally meet, and preferably exceed the PG&E northern California energy facility in Stockton to train at-risk population intensive short term training on residential energy efficiency improvement auditing and implementation. This task was also successfully completed. The department technical staff helped the construction faculty at Evans with building the necessary energy efficiency exhibits and equipment for the “City Build Academy”. The first group of students who completed this training were sent to PG&E site at Stockton, completed the last 2 days of training, and the majority passed the certification exam. The PG&E trainers met with our faculty afterwards and provided feedback as to how to improve this training for future cycles.


Example:  Facilities Planning

Education Master Plan, March 2006

Page 18: Evans renovation complete

Page 31: Many classrooms renovated;                                                                                     

Page 47: Health & Wellness Center complete, many classrooms renovated;                          

Page 87: New Performing Arts Bu9ilding waiting for funding from future state bond;              

Page 120: Majors Renovations completed. Joint Use Building complete                                  

Page 156: Chinatown/North Beach under construction                                              

Page 167: Major Renovations completed                                                                                 

Page 176: Renovations to accommodate welding program complete                                      

Page 188: John Adams renovation complete                                                             

Page 204: Mission complete