Question 1

1. Description of Programs and Services and their Locations: Insert description from previous program review and revise as necessary to remain consistent with the College’s Mission.


  • Describe your department or program’s purpose, as well as its programs, services, and locations. Address how it aligns with the College’s Mission (available at Note, department / program descriptions used in the previous program reviews are available via the archives section on the program review website (see right-hand side).
  • Suggested wording to use:
    • “Our department currently assists, maintains, offers the following… for the purpose of…
    • “Our department currently provides (objectives) to support (objectives) at the following places (list


Example: CCSF’s Mathematics Department

1.1 offers basic skills and precollegiate mathematics courses that meet associate degree requirements and prepare students for university level work.

1.2 provides students a full complement of lower division mathematics courses, including calculus, linear algebra and differential equations for STEM courses.

1.3 offers a variety of courses that meet the quantitative reasoning requirements at CSU, UC, and other four-year institutions.

1.4 provides student support services including Math Lab tutorial services, Math Bridge, the LAC partnership, and the Retention Center partnerships.

1.5 offers classes at Ocean (162 course sections per semester), at Mission (10 course sections per semester), and at Southeast (5 sections per semester).

Example: Student Health Services listed 3 major program objectives from their departmental Mission Statement

1.  CCSF Health Education and Outreach (with 4 paragraphs of explanation)

2.  We promote public health in the community (with 3 paragraphs of explanation)

3.  We are a training site for students (one paragraph)