Fall 2019 Annual Plan


Guidelines and Materials  

  • Since this is an annual plan year, only a small number of items require responses.
  • Use left-hand menu to preview questions marked with an asterisk (*).
  • Use CurrIQunet to respond to relevant questions.
      - Log in (using your RAM ID) to access CurrIQunet.
      - See User Manual for technical assistance on how to initiate a program review.
      - NOTE: select year 2018-19 in CurrIQunet dropdown; Fall 2019 "reviews" assessment & curriculum currency as of 2018-19.
  • This year's deadline is January 31 to allow time for categorical funding processes. Please note that AEP/Perkins/SWP will have an RFP again this year. We have worked to streamline the connection between annual planning and the RFP.
  • For information about last year see Fall 2018 Program Reviews.


Additional Notes

  • For those departments for which Job Placement or Licensure Rates are reported annually to ACCJC: if your current rates are lower than your Institution-Set Standard, please provide a short response in your annual plan. For more information see instructions under Data Trends - Other (CTE*).
  • Note that Curriculum Currency pertains to only to departments with CRNs.
  • For Counseling Departments and Service Areas, initiate a Counseling Program Review (e.g., DSPS, CSCD) or an Academic and Student Service Area Review (e.g., Library, Financial Aid) to complete your annual plan. New this year... you will no longer be required to initate a secondary annual plan for Curriculum and Assessment Currency reports. Links to those reports will be provided to you, and you should incorporate those into your annual plan.


Reminders of Overall Purpose

  • Program Reviews and Annual Plans are a Continuous Quality Improvement process.
  • Program Reviews and Annual Plans are a primary mechanism for integrating assessment, planning, and budgeting.
  • Program Reviews and Annual Plans will have an impact on how future departmental resources are increased or decreased.
  • Program Reviews and Annual Plans are collaborative – involve colleagues at all levels in discussion and use the process as an opportunity for conversation during drafting as well as after completion.