Fall 2018 Program Review

Guidelines and Materials  

  • Use left-hand menu to preview each question. Each "Q" link contains guidelines and suggestions for that particular question.
  • Use CurricUNET to answer each question. Log in (using your RAM ID) to access CurricUNET.
  • Fall 2018 is a comprehensive year. Please address each question to complete a 3-year program review.
  • See CurricUNET User Manual for technical assistance on how to initial a program review in CurricUNET and for approval procedures once the draft is finalized.
  • See draft reports (without logging in) via the Program Review List .
  • Use these REVISED Key Dates for Fall 2018 for submission deadlines.
  • Need support? Have thoughts? See Feedback page.
  • Note, return to this webpage at any time using shortcut www.ccsf.edu/pr.




  • Several types of “units” complete program review: instructional departments (encompassing all programs within that department), counseling departments, student services, academic services, and administrative units. For more information and to see archives for prior comprehensive program reviews (Fall 2015) and annual plans (Fall 2016 & 2017), go to www.ccsf.edu/programreview.
  • Program Reviews and Annual Plans are a Continuous Quality Improvement process.
  • Program Reviews and Annual Plans are a primary mechanism for integrating assessment, planning, and budgeting.
  • Program Reviews and Annual Plans will have an impact on how future departmental resources are increased or decreased.
  • Program Reviews and Annual Plans are collaborative – involve colleagues at all levels in discussion of contents and drafts.

NOTE: Counseling Departments and Service Areas complete a Counseling Program Review (e.g., DSPS, CSCD) or an Academic and Student Service Area Review (e.g., Library, Financial Aid) as their main review. Respond to all questions within this review. Counseling and services areas with CRNs should also initiate an Instructional (Department) Review to access and respond to Curriculum Currency; for all other questions refer readers to the main review which covers these questions.