Program Review


The Program Review process at City College of San Francisco is designed to assess the effectiveness and future needs and directions of the various departments and programs. Over the 2015-2016 Academic Year, the Program Review process was revised based on evaluations of ongoing processes. During 2016, proposed changes were reveiwed and approved by Academic Senate and the Participatory Governance Council. 

GOAL: Make program review more comprehensive and meaningful while maintaining annual allocations and planning.

RESULT: Comprehensive Program Review submitted once every 3 years (starting with Fall 2015, then Fall 2018); Annual Plan submitted in intervening years (Fall 2016, Fall 2017).

Annual Plan          3-Year Program Review:
  1. General Allocations
  2. Curriculum Currency
  3. Assessment Currency
  • August/September/October:
    Write Annual Plan
  • November: Review with unit and supervisor
  • December/January: Resource ranking
  • February/March/April: College governance vetting
  • May: Budget development for upcoming year and documentation of final decisions on resource requests in CurricUNET and evaluate process to inform process improvements for next year’s plan
  1. Unit Description
  2. Data Trends
  3. Unit progress
  4. Unit planning objectives for next 3 years
  5. Curriculum Currency, Assessment Currency, and Allocation Requests Annual Plan
  6. Fall Flex Day for Program Review
  • Fall 2015: Write Program Review with full unit and review with supervisor before submitting   
  • Fall 2016: Evaluate and summarize previous Program Reviews and college-wide discussion
  • Fall 2017: Move Program Review discussions up through participatory governance to inform college-wide improvements and plans and Evaluate process to inform process improvements for next 3-year cycle



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