Working Draft EMP

This is a working draft currently under review by the EMP Workgroup and College administration. 

Please send comments and input to EMP Workgroup co-chairs:

    Loren Bell <>, Faculty Member

    Pamela Mery <>, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness


EMP Full Report - Draft 2.0 - REVISED (70 pages) - October 2, 2014 

EMP Goals and Strategies - BOT Approved (4 pages) -- May 22, 2014

EMP Goals and Strategies - PGC Recommended (4 pages) - May 15, 2014

EMP Full Report - Draft (79 pages) -- April 21, 2014

Flow Chart for Integrated Planning (1 page)

Appendix A - Environmental Scan

Appendix B - Enrollment Projections and Scenarios

Appendix C - Course Enrollments from Outside and Inside San Francisco

Appendix D - Credit and Noncredit Awards by Type and Title, AY2008-09 through AY2012-13

Appendix E - Course Enrollment Trends by Subject Area AY2008-09 through AY2011-12

Appendix F - Waitlisted Student Counts by Credit Subject Areas

Appendix G - Course Enrollments by Program Category by Credit/Noncredit Status

Appendix H - Demographic Trends by Credit and Noncredit at CCSF Centers

Appendix I - Revenues, Expenses, and Net Revenue at CCSF Centers

Appendix J - Competitor Analysis

Appendix K - Workforce Alignment

Appendix L - SOAR (Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, and Results) Survey Results

Appendix M - Summaries of School Objectives as Reported in Program Reviews

Appendix N - Summaries of Educational Center Objectives as Reported in Program Reviews

Appendix O - Current Externally Funded Initiatives

Appendix P - Vulnerable Populations in San Francisco

Appendix Q - Student Support Programs: Student Development Division and Other

Appendix R - Educational Center Descriptions

Appendix S - Degrees, Certificates, and Awards for Programs with a 5-Year History

Appendix T - Degrees, Certificates, and Awards for Programs with a 4-Year or 3-Year History