Progress Report

Week of January 27, 2014

The Education Master Plan process kicked into high gear this week with a meeting of the Education Master Plan (EMP) Work Group, 18 strategy sessions and a public forum on Thursday.  Approximately 360 members of the college community participated throughout the week, learning and sharing insights about City College’s new environmental scan, planning assumptions, and preliminary results from the SOAR Survey.  The environmental scan points to challenges and opportunities, including demographic shifts occurring through the year 2030 for which the college will need to develop strategies.  The EMP Work Group is taking a deeper look at the scans.  Several changes were suggested to the planning assumptions.  

The SOAR survey preliminary results suggest that the college has a realistic view of its strengths in diversity, instruction and programs, access, and being student-centered.  Opportunities include facilities, technology, customer service, website, and communication/collaboration.  Aspirations include access, reaffirmed accreditation, technology, student success, and a collaborative environment.  Results, or items to demonstrate, include student outcomes, student (graduate) employment, stakeholder satisfaction, enrollment trends, and quality of instruction.

The week of February 18 will center on internal data including enrollment scenarios, an analysis of the programs offered by 2-year (and below) institutions within a 25-mile radius of the college, and workforce analyses.  We will again have a number of strategy sessions and a public forum to explore the implications of these data and information sources for City College’s Education Master Plan.  Please plan to join us for one of these sessions.  Thank you for lending your insights to this critical process.