Agendas and Presentations

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EMP Workgroup Meeting Agendas, Notes & Handouts


Meeting Notes




EMP DRAFT Recommendations from Consultants

EMP DRAFT Report 2014 -Revised 7-21-2014 (version without tracked changes)

EMP DRAFT Report 2014 - Revised 7-21-2014 (version with tracked changes)

SECTION assignments - Amended

Timeline and Instructions - Amended


EMP Goals and Strategies - PGC

Table of Contents - Revised



EMP Goals and Strategies - Revised

Flow Chart for Integrated Planning

Overview of College Budget

Budget Preparation and Fiscal Accountability:

AP 8.01

BP 8.01


Draft EMP

SOAR Survey Summary

SOAR (Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, and Results) Survey Results (129 pages)



Appendix C Course Enrollments Outside of San Francisco

Appendix F Waitlisted Student Counts by Credit Subject Areas

Student Focus Group Results

CCSF Recommended Goals Strategies and Success Factors



CCSF Recommended Goals Strategies and Success

CCSF Planning Assumptions Final

CCSF Planning Assumptions-Suggested Mods

Internal Data Review

Implications for CCSF

Study Group Input




Third Forum
- March 13, 2014

Internal Data Review

CCSF Planning Assumptions-Suggested Mods



A Map to CCSF's Education Master Planning Process

Assumptions Actions - February 2014

Implications for CCSF

Enrollment Projections Scenarios Highlights

CCSF Planning Assumptions

Dashboard-Student Achievement_and_Success

Strategic Plan Priorities



Comparative Program Analysis

Workforce Analysis

Planning Assumptions



Second Round Strategy Sessions

All Strategy Session Notes for Week of January 27

Planning Assumptions -revised

Environmental Scan - revised

Enrollment Projections and Scenarios

Enrollment Projections and Scenarios Worksheet


2/3/14 final

2/3/14 revised





First Round Strategy Sessions

Environmental Scan

Planning Assumptions

Anchor Role for Strategy Sessions



Handouts and Presentations

Envisioning the Future through the EMP - Flex Workshop - August 15, 2014

Vision Statement Survey Results and Feedback – May 13, 2014

Summary of CCSF's Strategic Visioning Session III - May 6, 2014

Fourth Forum - April 28 , 2014    Video

Summary of CCSF's Strategic Visioning Session II - March 27, 2014

Third Forum - March 13, 2014     Video

Third Round Strategy Sessions - March 11, 2014 -     Third Round Strategy Sessions

Second Forum - February 21, 2014     Video

Second Round Strategy Sessions - February 18, 2014 -     Second Round Strategy Sessions
                                                                                                         CCSF Enrollment Projections Scenarios Executive Summary
                                                                                                         CCSF Enrollment Projections and Scenarios Worksheet

Summary of CCSF's Strategic Visioning Session I - February 4, 2014

First Forum - January 30, 2014        Video

First Round Strategy Sessions - January 27, 2014 -   First Round Strategy Sessions
                                                                                               CCSF Environmental Scan
                                                                                               CCSF Planning Assumptions
Flex - January 9, 2014

Planning Phases and Timeline - November 25, 2013

CCSF Brief Planning Presentation - November 25, 2013