Education Master Plan

Defining Our FutureCCSF will be actively engaged in Education Master Planning from January 2014 through April 2014.  This is a college-wide and community-wide activity!  Please read more about what an Education Master Plan is and how you can be involved.

What is an Education Master Plan?

  • The Education Master Plan will be a long range plan that sets a unified direction for CCSF’s future over the next five years.

  • The plan will outline the College’s most important priorities and goals, thereby providing a continuing guide to CCSF's integrated planning, future actions, and decisions about the allocation of resources.  In doing so, the plan will help the College address accreditation issues as well.

  • The planning process will be driven by internal and external data, both qualitative and quantitative.  The process will involve internal and external audiences looking deeply at the College’s data and considering a variety of future scenarios.

How can I be involved?

  • Participate in monthly college-wide forums (see calendar)

  • Attend strategy sessions (see calendar)

  • Provide your feedback via the SOAR survey

  • Review and comment on materials posted to this page

  • Follow CCSF on Facebook

What happens after April 2014?

  • The EMP will connect to every office and department at the College through the annual program review process

  • The EMP will provide the framework for operations and resource plans including staffing, facilities, technology, and finance

  • The EMP implementation will be evaluated each year through a dashboard of indicators showing progress-to-date on our goals and implementation of strategies