Please choose from the following:

Flow Chart for Integrated Planning

Education Master Plan (EMP)

Find: What is an Education Master Plan, how you can be involved, what happens after April 2014, meeting dates, workgroup members, and the latest information on EMP.

Program Review
Find: Program review glossary, City-wide and CCSF comparison data, links to college plans, completed program review documents from prior years.

Annual Planning
Find:  Annual Plans, Assessment Reports, Management Plans, and other documents related to CCSF's budget and planning system.

Enrollment Management
Find: Enrollment Management Plan, Reports, Communications and Procedures, Enrollment Management Ad Hoc Group meeting agendas, and other documents related to enrollment management.

Other College Plans
Find: Education Master Plan, Facilities Master Plan, Technology Plan, Student Equity Plan.

Fantastic Five
Find: What is Fantastic Five? Meeting dates, agendas, notes, and handouts.

Planning Committee

Outcome Assessment