Grants Management

Starting Your Grant-Funded Project

Award Checklist

Upon receiving notification that funding has been awarded, you are authorized to begin the process for project implementation in accordance with grantor regulations. You must also conduct the program or project in accordance with CCSF policies and procedures. If you are not familiar with either the grantor or CCSF policies and procedures, it is recommended that you browse the Grants Resources website.

Listed below are the main steps to take to implement your project:

  • Announce award notification in the appropriate places by submitting information required for Board Agenda item(s) (See Obtaining Board Approval page).  New procedures are now in place for preparing and applying for external "Restricted" funding (See Grant Approval & Preparation Process page).  Your Dean and Department Chair should be thoroughly informed especially if your grant commits Unrestricted/General funds to support funded activities or includes release time/instructional funds.  In most cases, a fund number can be assigned with award notification, by directly contacting Business Services.               
  • Schedule a Post-Award Management meeting with the Ilona McGriff and Josephine Lee (District Business Office-Grants Accounting)
  • Complete a Post-Award Budget Form and Staffing Form.  This form should match your approved proposed budget and requires the Project Director and Dean's signatures. These forms should be completed in accordance with College District Expenditure Account Codes and forwarded to the District Office with copy of grant documents, guidelines, and work-plan.  For assistance or questions in completing forms email Marguerite Versher.
  • Check with Business Services for assignment of fund number. The fund number serves to identify your project and expenditure activities.
  • Complete CCSF personnel hiring forms (Form 3).  As soon as the fund number is assigned to your grant, file personnel forms with the appropriate offices, Human Resources and/or Office of Instruction.

Handle personnel issues:

If applicable, go through CCSF hiring procedures  by requesting information from Human Resources

Complete Professional or Limited Services Contracts forms, if hiring non-CCSF employee (consultant, speaker, other vendor etc.).

If applicable, follow procedures for hiring students (with or without Financial Aid work-study) by contacting Student Employment.

Agreements and Sub-awards:

If your grant has a sub-award to other institutions/organizations, a Sub-Recipient Agreement and Board Resolution are required. (All agreements and  contracts over $60,000 require Board approval).  

Accounting and Budget Management

  • BANNER access is available upon request to the Help Desk to track grant expenditures. For faculty staff technical support contact the Technology Learning Center (TLC) or the Help Desk.
  • It is strongly recommended that you track all expenditures, in-kind, and matching funds with simple Excel spread sheets.  You may also request expenditure reports from the Grants Accounting Office, however they do not track matching or in-kind documentation.
  • Please Review Policies issued by the District Business Office regarding contracts and purchasing via the Vice Chancellor of Administration and Finance.

Complete all reports required by grantor.  As soon as you receive the reporting and invoicing requirements from funder, copy and notify  The Office of Grants and Resource Development