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MIS Reporting and Banner Advisory Group

Banner Advisory Group (BAG) Meeting Agendas

(MIS Information Updated 11/15/2012)

Procedures for MIS Reporting Project

CCSF Procedural Materials for MIS (12/13/2011)

CCCCO MIS Webinars for Categorically Funded Programs

CCCCO - generated MIS Analysis Reports for CCSF

Banner Advisory Group (BAG) Meeting Agendas & Notes

The Banner Advisory Group (BAG) is a committee of “data managers” who each have responsibility for particular areas heavily involved with both CCSF’s Banner implementation as well as our MIS reporting.  It meets bi-monthly to keep the members up-to-date with various Banner projects as well as to make sure that CCSF is completing its MIS reports in an accurate and timely manner. Co-chaired by Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Dean of Institutional Effectiveness.

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2014 Meeting Notes

February 10, 2015



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October 14, 2014

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