Vision for Success (VfS)

The California Community College Chancellor's Office (CCCCO) released the Vision for Success goals with the aim to strengthen the California Community Colleges to meet California's needs.  

CCSF Vision goals were recommended by the Academic Senate in May 2019, and will be brought to the Board of Trustees (BOT) for approval and submission in June 2019. The Vision goals contain student outcomes in five key areas - completion, transfer, unit accumulation, workforce and equity - shown in brief below. View this PDF for additional local information, including longitudinal data and governance notes.  View this PDF for official submission format.

Goal 1 - Completion

By 2021-22, CCSF will increase the number of students who acquire associate degrees (AA, AS, ADT) to 1331 and CCCCO-approved credit certificates to 818. Note, these goals align with the stretch goals that CCSF submitted to ACCJC for degrees and certificates.

Goal 2 - Transfer

By 2021-22, CCSF will increase the number of students who acquire the Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) to 311, and increase the number of CCSF student who transfer to UC/CSU to 2125. Note, the goal for UC/CSU corresponds to the ACCJC stretch goal for transfer.

Goal 3 - Unit Accumulation

CCSF will decrease units accumulated by CCSF students earning an Associate Degree to 89 units by 2021-22.

Goal 4 - Workforce

CCSF has set a goal to increase the number of CTE students to be employed in their field of study to 75% by 2021-22.

Goal 5 - Equity

CCSF will reduce achievement gaps among Disproportionately Impacted (DI) groups by 40% by 2021-22, and completely in 10 years. Goals for these DI groups are aligned with the Student Equity & Achievement Plan.