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Office of Research & Planning


Office of Grants & Resource



Research and Planning services include developing surveys; producing small, selected reports for academic departments and programs; initiating in-depth, longitudinal studies of departments and units; conducting program review; and providing a variety of other services for CCSF including the facilitation of the Annual Plan and Strategic Plan.

Grants and Resource Development services encompass all phases of proposal development, grant implementation, and award management. We notify faculty and staff about grant opportunities and assist in the planning of projects and programs. Our office also submits Board Resolutions and Information Only Items (FIO's) directly related to contract and grant funded activities.  


Grants Staff Located in Cloud 306

Kristin Charles, Dean, Grants & Resource Development

Marguerite Versher, Grants and Contract Management


Research & Planning Staff Located in Cloud 233

Pamela Mery, Ed.D., Dean of Institutional Effectiveness

Rick Fillman, Director of Research

Judy Seto, Management Assistant