TRC Staff Development

The ESL Staff Development Committee is made-up of ESL faculty members from both credit and non-credit programs at City College.  Members represent each campus of CCSF.  Our mission is to provide professional development opportunities to CCSF ESL faculty members.

These opportunities take the form of weekday and weekend workshops, an annual Colloquium open to

the Bay Area ESLCommunity, and ongoing dissemination of information regarding national, state and Bay

Area professional development events and opportunities. The committee actively seeks input and

participation from CCSF ESL faculty regarding topics for and presentation of workshops.



CALENDAR of workshops and important dates                              Instructors' Resource Bulletin Board *

 Useful LINKS:

    CCSF ESL Colloquium website



    Beyond Tolerance

    Project VOICE

    CCSF Staff Development Site

    MS Software Discounts for faculty

    UC Berkeley Extension Program

    CALPRO:California Adult Literacy

    Lisle Library District

    Professional Development Project

    OTAN: Outreach and Technical Assistance Center


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