NonCredit Assessment

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The Teachers Resource Center provides information about assessment. Testing is an important component of any teaching curriculum, and here you will find links to information about our assessment program.

The Non-Credit ESL Placement Test is used to place incoming students into our program. The exam is administered through the testing office and is offered at the various campuses throughout the semester to accommodate our open entry/exit program. For information about the test, please see the Placement Test Manual.

The TRC also administers the Non-Credit Promotion Test program. Promotion testing currently occurs at Levels 2, 4, and 6 of the program. For information about these tests, please see the Non-Credit Promotion Test Handbook.

Summary statistics are available for the Non-Credit Promotion Test program.

The Level 4 Promotion Test Battery includes an Oral Interview. All testers must be trained before giving this exam. To view the training film, log on here using the ESL “instructors only” password.

A database of Level 4 Promotion Test scores is available here. Student scores are organized by campus and presented in Excel document format. To view these files, log on here using the ESL “instructors only” password.

Here are two literacy screening tests currently in use: Literacy test 1Literacy test 2