English Literacy and Civic Engagement

at City College of San Francisco

Fall, 2012

    Campus Facilitators

    Chinatown/North Beach

    Civic Center


    John Adams


    Lori Cabansag (lcabansa@ccsf.edu)

    Diane Wallis (dwallis@ccsf.edu)

    Kim Franklin (kfranklin@gmail.com)

    Neela Chatterjee (nchatter@ccsf.edu)

    Jennifer Irvine (jirvine@ccsf.edu)

Program Plan:

  • Conduct student needs assessment to help determine priority needs of learners.
  • Learner participation in real or simulated interaction in the local community. (Objectives 10.4, 13.4, 15.2, 20.5, 33.7)
  • Use appropriate language and literacy levels for learners. (multi-level modules development)
  • Use of additional assessments to show mastery of each objective.
  • Document attainment of clearly identified, observable, measurable, and meaningful outcomes.
  • Evaluate program plan and process every semester.

Program Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and location of community services available in the community, including emergency services and employment and training resources.
  • Explain the importance and use of each service and agency in the community.
  • Demonstrate ways to contact and use community services and agencies.