English Literacy and Civics (EL Civics)

EL Civics - saluting the flag


EL Civics modules and the citizenship preparation program are funded by Workforce Investment Act (WIA), Title II, Adult Education and Family Literacy (AEFLA).  The purpose of the EL Civics program is to support projects that demonstrate effective practices in providing, and increasing access to, English Literacy programs linked to civics education for immigrants and other limited English proficient populations.  According to Congress, to effectively participate in education, work, and civic opportunities in this country, immigrants and other limited English proficient persons must not only master English, but be able to understand and navigate governmental, educational, workplace systems and key institutions, such as banking and health care.  The California Department of Education (CDE) Adult Education Office, through this grant, promotes the development of integrated programs that incorporate English Language and literacy instruction and civics education.  The CDE has developed two program areas: Civic Engagement and Citizenship Preparation.


Civic Engagement:  These modules support the implementation and delivery of instructional activities that integrate civics education content with ESL instruction.  These modules, created by CCSF noncredit faculty, connect literacy to the lives of learners and reflects their experiences as community members, parents, and participants in the workforce.  Through these modules, adults understand and deal with social issues through community research projects, collecting and analyzing information, and interpreting findings in ways that connect school-based learning with personal knowledge and community experience.


Citizenship PreparationThis program uses ESL methodologies and citizenship preparation material to prepare learners to take and pass the USCIS (formerly INS) written and oral citizenship test.  The program includes outreach services, skills assessment, curriculum development and instruction, professional development, naturalization preparation and assistance and program evaluation.