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Help Using CurricUNET

Resource Types:

  • User Manual -- web pages with step-by-step instructions and detailed screenshots 
  • Task Guides -- 2-page documents you can print with step-by-step instructions for each CurricUNET task 
  • Video Tutorials -- 4-to-6-minute videos that walk you through each step for a variety of CurricUNET tasks 
    *(CC means with closed captioning.)


Reviewing CCSF Curricula or Report Requirements

Program Review



Forgot your password or can't log in?

Your username and password are your RAM ID. If you need help with your RAM ID, use the RAM ID LOGIN PORTAL (self service for password changes). If you still need help, contact the CCSF help desk (415.239.3711 or toll free: 844.693.4357). 

Creating a proposal and can't find your courses or departments?

If you teach across multiple subjects (like ESLN and ESLV) or work across multiple departments, we need to assign you "origination rights" for all these areas before you can create proposals for them in CurricUNET. Use this Support Request Form to get help (and be patient, no help requests are guaranteed during holidays and breaks). 


How do SLOs, PSLOs, GELOs, and ILOs interrelate? And what's the mapping for?

For Faculty submitting CRN-level reports only:

Can't find your CRN/Student lists?

  • Have your data been loaded yet? See CRN data load schedule
  • Did you choose assessment type = CRN-level report? (Be sure you’re NOT in the Course SLO Aggregate Report.)
  • Did you choose a subject, course, and SLO and click SAVE before clicking CRN?
  • Did you choose the CRN and year and then click to another field on the screen?
  • Are you completing one assessment report per CRN? To see CRNs from other courses, you have to start another report.
  • Are you teaching a team-taught class (multiple instructors, same CRN)? IF so, only the primary instructor will be able to access the CRN.
  • Are you replacing another professor? If so, the administrators need to change the data from the class to switch instructors. Use this Support Request Form to get help (and be patient, no help requests are guaranteed during holidays and breaks). 


Student lists not accurate?

If your student lists have students who dropped or withdrew, but that's not reflected in the list you’re seeing, list those who dropped as “No longer enrolled” If the student added late, it is unlikely we will be able to add them to your lists (see data load schedule for confirmation).

For Faculty modifying course outlines, majors, or certificates only:

Need to reactivate a course or program?


Programs that have been deactivated cannot be reactivated. Instead, create a new program proposal in CurricUNET. If you plan to keep the exact same program title as your previous program, then you will have to ask us to modify the title of your deactivated program, so you can create a new one with the same name.

Courses that were previously deactivated can be reactivated, but only by CurricUNET Administrators. Provide the following information, and we'll set you up!

Just follow these instructions:

  1. Complete this Support Request Form with the course number or program title you want to reactivate. Example: OCAN 1 or Oceanography Certificate of Accomplishment.
  2. If a course, we will create a proposal for you  and assign it to you as Originator.
  3. If a program that wants to keep its old name, we'll change the name of the deactivated one so you can create a new program proposal.
  4. You can then work on the proposal just as you would any other course or program, modifying anything you need to modify, and launching it when ready.

(*Reactivated courses and programs have to meet all the same requirements that any other curriculum proposal must meet.*)

For more information on Curriculum processes, go to the Curriculum Committee website


Known Bugs

  • Time stamps: 
    Time stamps on all workflow items are Mountain Time (1 hour ahead). So if it says something was produced or an action taken at 3 pm, it was actually 2 pm Pacific Time. (This is a BUG in progress of being fixed.)
  • Logging off: 
    There is currently a bug that occasionally impedes your ability to log off incertain browsers. It is not consistent behavior. Workaround: you should be able to log off by closing your browser entirely. If that doesn't work, clear your cache. In addition, the system will automatically log you out after about 10 minutes of inactivity. Fix pending. 
    If you are unable to see data you think you just added, or the system isn't letting you select an instance in a list, switch to a new tab and then come back. That should reset your screen.
    If screen size is too small and font size too big, it will often make it difficult to see as much as you'd like on the screen. Workaround: shrink window size. (Windows: hold down CTRL button and hit the the minus sign a few times to shrink browser font and size. For MACs, same instructions, but use Apple button instead of CTRL button.)
  • Course proposal SLO TAB: Sometimes the SLOs lock and can't be edited or deleted (if you encounter this problem, use this Support Request Form to get help). 
  • Course outline of record:
    • Evaluation Methods: OTHER -- There are new categories provided for evaluation methods. They were set to OTHER for existing (older loaded outlines). As new outlines are produced, these will be set by the originator to the most appropriate value. 
    • Evaluation Methods and Assignments: these fields do not allow for indentation and never will. However in our old outlines we allowed that. So any indents in existing outlines will appear as a full paragraph. 
    • All originators are listed as system loaded for outlines older than 9/2014. (Not able to change this.)
  • Workflow: Sort is by level, then position, then date (oldest at bottom). 


Need More Help?

  • Drop-in help labs -- Review calendar for schedule of drop-in Help Labs and formal trainings, in which you can participate face to face or by phone. 
  • Email support -- Use this Support Request Form to request help. Please be patient. No help guaranteed during holidays, weekends, and breaks.



Only administrators can access the Administrator User Manual.