Modify course or addenda

What kind of course or addenda are you modifying?

It's EXTREMELY important that you decide first what your proposal is for:

  • Credit/Degree Applicable Course
  • Credit/Non-degree applicable Course
  • Noncredit Course
  • Community Education (INTI courses) 
  • Honors Addenda  
  • Distance Education Addenda

If you get it wrong (and yes, unfortunately the system does allow this to happen), you will have to delete your proposal and start again.

If you don't already know what kind of course you are modifying, look at the footer of the current course outline of record (View curricula). You can also review the differences among all the course types in the Curriculum Handbook.


Now that you know which course or addenda type, what's next?

Modify Course Proposal Page 2

1. Choose the appropriate Modify Course or Addenda proposal from the drop-down menu.

2. Click the Next button


Modify Course Proposal Page 2

3. From the Subject drop-down menu, choose the subject of the course you are modifying. Example: GEOL.

4. In the Course Title field a portion of the course title. Hint: you're more likely to bring back a course title if you include only one word in the title, instead of the entire title (fewer errors). You can also leave this field blank to pull back the top 50 Active courses.

5. Click Search.

6. Scroll through the list of courses returned from your search. Once you find the course you want to modify, click it to choose it, and click Next to review your entry one more time before generating a draft proposal.

7. If your entries are accurate then click the Create Proposal button to generate an official draft proposal, which you can edit as needed. Please keep in mind that you will be able to continue to make changes on future screens. (Give it a few seconds, and then it will open the window for you to edit your new proposal in its entirety.)

Need to reactivate/modify a deactivated course?

  1. Request reactivation through this Support Request Form.
  2. We will create a proposal for you with the correct course and assign it to you as Originator.
  3. Within 24 hours (hopefully!) of your request, you will find the course waiting for you in "My courses."
  4. We will also email you directly to tell you it's there waiting for you.
  5. You can then work on the proposal just as you would any other course =, modifying anything you need to modify, and launching it when ready.

The reactivation process is designed to pull historic versions of deactivated courses and allow you to modify them and resubmit them to the Curriculum Committee to reactivate them.

(*Reactivated courses have to meet all the same requirements that any other curriculum proposal must meet.*)

Any curriculum launched before the end of Spring semester will be in preparation, potentially, for the first Curriculum Committee meeting that reviews proposals in Fall. For more information on Curriculum processes, go to the Curriculum Committee website


Next steps

To review all tabs and fields within your proposal, move on to the navigate module that fits your proposal: