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QUESTION: How do SLOs, PSLOs, GELOs, and ILOs interrelate? And what's the mapping for?
ANSWER: Review ILO-Program/GELO-Course Mapping Image


Task Guides   Video Tutorials

2-page PDF documents you can print with step-by-step instructions for completing each of the tasks below:


4-to-6-minute video tutorials that walk you through each step for a variety of tasks. (CC means with closed captioning.)


Other questions?

  • Other problems using CurricUNET?  Access the troubleshooting guide below with common errors and solutions.
  • Still need help? Review calendar for schedule of drop-in Help Labs and formal trainings, in which you can participate face to face or by phone. Or use this Support Request Form to request help. Please be patient. No help guaranteed during holidays, weekends, and breaks. 

Troubleshooting common problems

Can't log in?

  • Are you sure the username is your Office 365 email (
  • Are you sure you’re using the right password? (First time around: ChangeMe1 – case sensitive)
  • Are you sure you were trying to log in to the correct module? (There are three different modules. The Curriculum module has an entirely different login. Be sure you’re NOT in the Curriculum module.)
    Correct location: CurricUNET Assessment
  • Did you forget your password? If so, contact the CCSF Help Desk (On campus: dial 611 or 3711; Off campus: (415) 239-3711; Toll Free (844) 693-HELP (4357)).
  • Did you, perhaps, already log in but get confused by the password change screen? If so, you may have reset your password multiple times. Solution: Reset password back to ChangeMe1 (see previous bullet), then next time you login, once your password change has been SAVED, be sure you click Home (see screenshot). Otherwise you’ll get stuck there again.
  • It's possible you don’t have a user account. If that's true, the administrators need to set you up. Use this Support Request Form to get help (and be patient, no help requests are guaranteed during holidays and breaks). 


Faculty submitting CRN-level reports only:

Can't find your courses?

If you teach across multiple subjects (like ESLN and ESLV) or across multiple departments, we need to assign you multiple subjects. If you don't see all the subjects you teach in the drop-down lis, use this Support Request Form to get help (and be patient, no help requests are guaranteed during holidays and breaks). 


Can't find your CRN/Student lists?

  • Did you choose assessment type = CRN-level report? (Be sure you’re NOT in the Course SLO Aggregate Report.)
  • Did you choose a subject, course, and SLO and click SAVE before clicking CRN?
  • Did you choose the CRN and year and then click to another field on the screen?
  • Are you completing one assessment report per CRN? To see CRNs from other courses, you have to start another report.
  • Are you teaching a team-taught class (multiple instructors, same CRN)? IF so, only the primary instructor will be able to access the CRN.
  • Are you replacing another professor? If so, the administrators need to change the data from the class to switch instructors. Use this Support Request Form to get help (and be patient, no help requests are guaranteed during holidays and breaks). 


Found your CRN, but no students appearing?

  • Did you enter a number into the year field?
  • Still no luck? If you see a CRN and year, but can't see the students, then you might have gotten caught in a broswer cache issue, where your browser software -- Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer -- is showing you an old cached version of this web page. You can fix this by clearing your browser cache. The steps to do that vary by computer and browser. See examples below.


Not showing what's its supposed to? Clear your cache. (Instructions.)


Student lists not accurate?

If your student lists have students who dropped or withdrew, but that's not reflected in the list you’re seeing, list those who dropped as “No longer enrolled” If the student added late, it is unlikely we will be able to add them to your lists (see data load schedule for confirmation).
NOTE: In Spring 2015, we had only one data load for credit, and one for noncredit, so we had a lot of missing or dropped students, and we had only the "Not assessed" level to give them. (Or credit data load was on 3/18, noncredit on 4/21.)



Only administrators can access the Administrator User Manual.