Chapter 10: CurricUNET

Under development (pending final software implementation and screen shots)



10.1 Overview

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CurricUNET is a software program developed and maintained by Governet. The CCSF version of CurricUNET is intended for use for Curriculum, Assessment, and Program Review. Goal: an integrated process for streamlining reporting and workflow/approval submissions and a data set for use in ongoing assessments across the college.


10.1.1 Sign-In

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Signon CurricUNET

Access CurricUNET through MyCCSF or directly though this URL: ____________________

As the sign-in screen below shows, your log-in is the same as your CCSF network login (usually your desktop or laptop). If you do not remember this log-in, please contact the IT Help Desk.

NOTE: Each user can change their password by going to the Gear menu on the top right hand part of the site and selecting "Preferences."


10.1.2 Access and Features

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What you can access in CurricUNET and the Department/Chair/Deans/Supervisors associated with any proposals you submit will be automatically configured based on your log-in. If you cannot access the correct parts of CurricUNET, contact your Chair and to request access.