Curriculum Committee Due Dates & Schedule for the 2020-2021 Academic Year

Submit Curriculum Early and Monitor Progress

  • Course outlines listed by department and approval date (to help you modify in a timely manner)
  • Please submit early and do not wait for the deadlines! Since outlines have a six-year shelf life, it is best to submit modifications 4.5-5 years from the current outline's approval date, as state-level processing can take a couple of semesters.
  • Remember, for outline modifications (not new outlines), course and program aggregate reports must be launched within 18 months prior to outline submission. These assessment reports pull together the results of indiviudal section-level reports and should inform outline revision and critical reflection. Consult your chair or course/program coordinator about the currency of the aggregate report you need. Allow time for that to happen, please.
  • Items submitted for review that do not meet College standards and require extensive corrections will take longer to process.
  • Originators are responsible for responding rapidly and fully to change requests and monitoring progress.
  • Whenever possible, submit a family of courses together.  (E.g., submit modifications of ART 160 A, B, C, and D concurrently instead of at different times). This will enhance consistency and the overall process.
  • The Curriculum Committee can never guarantee when curriculum will be reviewed, completed or approved, even when deadlines are met. The committee makes every effort to process proposals that meet the deadlines as quickly as resources permit. Early attention to quality standards and early submission increase the chances of timely approval.


Course Schedule and Catalog Deadlines

Dates below represent deadlines to submit proposals with effective dates in the 2020-21 academic year. (See the archives for the 2019-20 calendar page.) These 2020-21 deadlines are for the completion of specific review steps; they are not starting or launch dates.

NOTE--Early fall submissions should not list an effective semester earlier than summer '21.  Thank you.

For a course or program* proposal to be approved for inclusion in: Dean's approval (step 3) must be completed by: Dept. Chair Post-Tech Review (step 5) must be completed by:
Summer 2021 Schedule Sept. 4, 2020 Oct. 13, 2020
2021-22 Catalog and Fall 2021 Schedule Sept. 12, 2020 Oct. 30, 2020
Spring 2022 Schedule and UC transfer/CSU GE/IGETC Committee Consideration
Feb. 16, 2021 March 19, 2021

Review Steps: 
1.Originator launch (after aggregate assessments have been launched and considered, if submitting a course or program modification)... 2.Dept. Chair Pre-Tech Review ... 3.Dean ... 4.Technical Review Assignment ... Technical Review ... Requisite Review ... Articulation Review ... 5.Dept. Chair post-Tech Review  ... 6.Pre-agenda Review* ... 7 & 8.Committee agenda and, when needed, stipulations (CurricUNET Approval Levels and Steps). 

*Occurs on the Friday following a Wednesday full committee meeting

Note:  Meeting schedule and catalog requirements are also contingent on the full and complete correction of any approval stipulations.


  • Programs must not include historical or deactivated courses. Be sure to review which versions of courses are in the program blocks.
  • Modified programs must be done in time for the Catalog (no Spring approval dates for modifications, just new programs).
  • New programs approved by the Curriculum Committee by Nov. 25 AND with state approval received prior to February 1 will be published in the 2021-22 printed catalog.
  • New programs with state approval received after February 6 will be published in the Catalog Addendum and the spring online catalog.

Distance Education Addenda  

DEAs do not take as long to process as outlines, but please review the Steps Toward Teaching an Online Course (including DLAC approval!).

   Requested Effective Date       DEA Subcommittee Approval by   
Spring '21 September 4, 2020
Summer '21 February 26, 2021
Fall '21 March 26, 2021

Temporary Distance Education (TDE) Addenda Information and Approvals


Curriculum Committee Meetings in MUB 140 but probably on Zoom, 1:30-4:30

Fall 2020 -- Approvals for effective dates of Summer 2021 (through Nov. 4 agenda) and Fall 2021

Aug. 26   (Agenda | Zoom | Minutes) -- Business Meeting, limited proposals. Stipulations due: Sept. 4

Sep. 9    (Agenda | Zoom | Minutes) -- Stipulations due: Sept. 18

Sep. 23  (Agenda | Zoom | Minutes) -- Stipulations due: Oct. 2

Oct. 7    (Agenda | Zoom | Minutes) -- Stipulations due: Oct. 16

Oct. 21   (Agenda | Zoom | Minutes) -- Stipulations due: Oct. 30

Nov. 4    (Agenda | Zoom | Minutes) -- Stipulations due: Nov. 13

Nov. 25  (Agenda | Zoom | Minutes) -- Stipulations due: Nov. 27

Dec. 9    (Agenda | Zoom | Minutes) -- Stipulations due: Dec. 18

Spring 2021 --  Approvals for effective dates of Spring 2022

Jan. 20   (Agenda | Zoom | Minutes) -- Business meeting, limited proposals. Stipulations due: Jan 29

Feb. 3    (Agenda | Zoom | Minutes) -- Stipulations due: Feb. 12

Feb. 17   (Agenda | Zoom | Minutes) -- Stipulations due: Feb. 26

Mar. 3     (Agenda | Zoom | Minutes) -- Stipulations due: Mar. 12

Mar. 17   (Agenda | Zoom | Minutes) -- Stipulations due: Mar. 26

Apr. 7     (Agenda | Zoom | Minutes) -- Stipulations due: Apr. 16

Apr. 21   (Agenda | Zoom | Minutes) -- Stipulations due: Apr. 30

May 5    (Agenda | Zoom | Minutes) -- Stipulations due: May 14

May 19   (Agenda | Zoom | Minutes) -- Business Meeting, limited proposals. Stipulations due: May 24