Schedule for the 2017-2018 Academic Year

Submit Curriculum Early and Monitor Progress

  • Please, submit early and do not wait for the deadlines!! There is more space for proposals at meetings before the deadlines.
  • Items submitted for review that do not meet College standards and require extensive corrections will take longer to process.
  • Originators are responsible for monitoring submissions and responding rapidly and fully to change requests.
  • The Curriculum Committee can never guarantee when curriculum will be reviewed, completed or approved, even when deadlines are met. The committee makes every effort to process proposals that meet the deadlines as quickly as resources permit. Quality and volume of submissions are important factors. Early attention to standards and early submission increase the chances of timely approval.

Course Schedule and Catalog Deadlines

Dates below represent deadlines for completion of specific review steps, not starting or launch dates.

Deadlines (meet both deadlines) to request approval for: Dept. Chair Pre-Tech Review approval completed Completion of all steps up to Pre-agenda Review
Summer 2018 Schedule Oct. 1, 2017 Nov. 17, 2017
2018-19 Catalog and Fall 2018 Schedule Oct. 27, 2017 Dec. 8, 2017
Spring 2019 Schedule and UC transfer/CSU GE/IGETC Committee Consideration
Feb. 23, 2018 Mar. 23, 2018

Review Steps:  Originator launch ... Dept. Chair Pre-Tech Review ... Technical Review Assignment ... Technical Review ... Requisite Review ... Articulation Review ... Dept. Chair post-Tech Review ... Dean ... Pre-agenda Review ... Committee agenda (CurricUNET Approval Levels and Steps). Learn more on how to read your proposal workflow history and approval status.

Note:  Schedule and catalog deadlines are contingent on the full and complete correction of any approval stipulations.


  • Modified programs must be done in time for the Catalog (no Spring approval dates for modifications).
  • New programs with state approval received prior to February 9 will be published in the 2018-19 printed catalog.
  • New programs with state approval received after February 9 will be published in the Catalog Addendum and the online catalog.

Distance Education Addenda:  DEAs for Fall 2018 must be completed and approved by the DEA subcommittee by January 26, 2018, and for Spring 2019, by April 27, 2018. Follow the directions on the Distance Education pages before submitting DEAs.

Curriculum Committee Meetings

Fall 2017

Aug. 30   (Agenda | Minutes)  -- Business Meeting, no proposals

Sep. 13    (Agenda | Minutes)   -- Stipulations due: Sept. 22

Sep. 27   (Agenda | Minutes)  -- Stipulations due: Oct. 6

Oct. 11    (Agenda | Minutes)   -- Stipulations due: Oct. 20

Oct. 25    (Agenda | Minutes)   -- Stipulations due: Nov. 3

Nov. 8    (Agenda | Minutes)   -- Stipulations due: Nov. 17

Nov. 29    (Agenda | Minutes)   -- Stipulations due: Dec. 8

Dec. 13    (Agenda | Minutes)   -- Stipulations due: Dec. 22

Spring 2018

Jan. 24    (Agenda | Minutes)   -- Stipulations due: Feb. 2

Feb. 7     (Agenda | Minutes)   -- Stipulations due: Feb. 16

Feb. 21    (Agenda | Minutes)   -- Stipulations due: Mar. 2

Mar. 7      (Agenda | Minutes)   -- Stipulations due: Mar. 16

Mar. 21    (Agenda | Minutes)   -- Stipulations due: Apr. 6

Apr. 11     (Agenda | Minutes)   -- Stipulations due: Apr. 20

Apr. 25    (Agenda | Minutes)   -- Stipulations due: May 4

May 9     (Agenda | Minutes)   -- Business Meeting, no proposals