Curriculum Committee

Needing to make unit or hour changes to meet standards?

To process unit & hour changes to meet current CCSF standards (and meet the deadlines), review summary instructions or full 9/3 memo.

Instructions for Submissions to the Curriculum Committee -- 2015-2016

Consult the CalendarAll deadlines are published on the Curriculum Committee Calendar.

  • The technical review submission deadline is generally two weeks prior to the agenda deadline. 
  • The agenda deadline for the next scheduled Curriculum Committee meeting is generally two weeks prior to the meeting. 
  • Deadlines may be adjusted based on the academic calendar.

CCSF has modified its curriculum-development processes as part of the official rollout of the CurricUNET Curriculum Module. (Review major Fall 2015 curriculum changes with CurricUNET.)

  1. Per normal operating procedures, be sure you have reviewed the Curriculum Handbook relevant chapters before submissionCurriculum Handbook Version 4.0 This is your main guide to preparing curriculum.

  2. Be sure to review the Technical Review Avoiding Common Errors (TRACE) checklist designed specifically for CurricUNET processes:
  3. Use CurricUNET to draft your proposal. (If new to using CurricUNET, access task guides (especially the Originator Task Guide), watch video tutorials, and/or review User Manual instructions at CurricUNET Curriculum User Manual Support Page.) 
    • Training, drop-in labs, and support will be available Fall semester to assist you in getting your updated curriculum into the new CurricUNET software and launching it into the workflow.
    • For summer work, training is online only. For questions, email
  4. Submit your curricula for committee review by launching it through CurricUNET's Curriculum Module.
    • Review Launch proposal in the CurricUNET User Manual for full step-by-step instructions or watch the video tutorials on the support page
    • Review the full approval process your launched curricula will go through in the Approvals and Worfklow section of the User Manual.
  5. Timely completion of stipulations: If your proposal is reviewed by the Curriculum Committee during one of its meetings, and stipulations (changes) are requested, those changes   must be made and resubmitted within CurricUNET within a short time period, normally nine days. Proposals approved with stipulations that are not resubmitted correctly in a timely manner may be moved back to the department chair to start over again.


  • For questions about the curriculum approval process, deadlines, and standards, contact the curriculum committee chair: Melinda Weil.
  • Distance Education Addenda are viewed by a subcommittee. See DEA Subcommittee Description. For questions, contact the distance learning coordinator.
  • If you encounter difficulties or have questions on the use of CurricUNET, contact
  • Look to the  archives for all Spring 2015 and earlier calendars and minutes as well as Spring 2015 instructions, forms, and templates.