Curriculum Committee

Consult the CalendarAll deadlines are published on the Curriculum Committee Calendar.

The technical review submission deadline is generally two weeks prior to the agenda submission deadline. The agenda submission deadline for the next scheduled Curriculum Committee meeting is generally two weeks prior to the meeting. Deadlines may be adjusted based on the academic calendar.


Instructions for Submissions to the Curriculum Committee

Note: if you are part of the PILOT group using the new CurricUNET system, please follow these special instructions.
Everyone else should follow the instructions below:

  1. Read the Curriculum Handbook relevant chapters before submission.
    Chapter 1: Introduction
    Chapter 2: Course Outlines of Record
    Chapter 3: Course Outline Addenda
    Chapter 4: Majors
    Chapter 5: Certificates
    Chapter 6: Establishment of Prerequisites, Corequisites, and Advisories
    Chapter 7: Course Articulation, Graduation Requirements, and Transferability
    Chapter 8: Standing Rules of the Curriculum Committee
    Chapter 9: Curriculum Committee Guides for Proposals and Meetings

  2. Use the correct Forms and Templates and Guides:
    Submission to the Curriculum Committee involves the item itself along with a cover sheet. Other forms may also be required. On the Forms and Templates and Guides page are templates for course outlines, course outline addenda, and certificate and degree programs. You will also find a variety of cover sheets for different types of items. Cover sheets have specific directions for submission. Guides include the Technical Review Avoiding Common Errors (TRACE) Checklist and the PLO Guidelines and Checklist.

  3. Send all submissions except deletions through Technical Review. (Note: the Curriculum Committee is not accepting any new Technical Review submissions for the 2014-15 Academic Year).

  4. During and After Technical Review
    On the Technical Review page, is the link to the online form for uploading items for technical review.

    The Curriculum Committee Handbook is your main guide to preparing any item. For further help: Use the Technical Review Avoiding Common Errors (TRACE) Checklist on the Forms & Templates page to assist you in preparing Course Outlines of Record. If you are submitting a Program of any type, use the PLO Guidelines and Checklist available on the Forms & Templates page to assist your preparation. If you are submitting a Distance Education or Honors Addendum, work with the Distance Education Coordinator to ensure your item is correctly completed.

    Your item is assigned a lead reviewer who will assist you in making required corrections before your item proceeds onto the Agenda. You will receive an email that includes the link to the page containing your item and the lead reviewer comments. *Keep this link: All technical review actions occur on that page.* In most cases, you will make changes and upload your corrected item to the page again for your lead reviewer to examine. Email your lead reviewer when you have uploaded the corrected item.

    When your lead reviewer marks your item as ready to agendize, complete the following steps:

    1. Print out the final version of your item, incorporating any final comments.
    2. Fill out the appropriate cover sheet.
    3. Obtain department chair and dean signatures.
    4. Submit one original hardcopy of all materials to the Curriculum Office, Cloud 308.
    5. Attach a note with the following information: the Curriculum Committee meeting date for which you hope to be agendized and the name of your lead reviewer.
    6. If any prerequisites, corequisites, or advisories have been added or changed, send the proper forms to the Matriculation/Prerequisite Officer.
    7. Your item receives a final review at a Pre-Agenda meeting. When your item becomes either a Proposal or Informational Item, your chair is notified.
  5. Completing stipulations
    Proposals that are approved with stipulations must be resubmitted to the Curriculum Committee Chair within a short time period, normally nine days. Proposals approved with stipulations that are not resubmitted correctly in a timely manner may be returned to the chair of the presenting department. Always include a complete, explanatory note that includes the date the item appeared before the Curriculum Committee and the name of your lead reviewer.

Instructions for CurricUNET Submissions to the Curriculum Committee

If you would like to get started on curriculum development work in preparation for Fall 2015, all technical review and processing will be happening in CurricUNET, so you must be willing to train on the new system. If interested, follow the steps below:

  1. Contact Katryn Wiese, CurricUNET Administrator, to become part of the Spring 2015 pilot CurricUNET end-user group (joining this group means you agree to work closely with Katryn and receive the required training and password access).

  2. Per normal operating procedures, be sure you have reviewed the Curriculum Handbook relevant chapters before submissionVersion 4.0 

  3. Be sure to review the TRACE checklist designed specifically for CurricUNET processes (PDF version | DOC version)

  4. Submit your outline for technical review: until Fall 2015, that means working with Katryn Wiese to receive one-on-one training and consulting instructions in CurricUNET Handbook
Do NOT use forms, templates, or technical review resources available on this website. Use only those available from within CurricUNET and the CurricUNET Handbook. If you have questions, contact