Multimedia Room Reservations

Ocean Campus locations

Three Rooms

Located in the Rosenberg LLRC, equipped with DVD, videocassette, film, 35mm slide/computer projection, and internet access. Webcasting service is also provided with advanced planning. Audiovisual schedules these rooms. Call (415) 452-5411

One Room

Arts Extension 170 is equipped with VCR, DVD, computer, large plasma monitor, television, and internet access. The room can accomodate approximately 30 students. Broadcast Media Services schedules this room, and availability is limited. Call (415) 239-3525

Arts Extension 170

One Room for Video and Audio Conferencing only

Located on the 5th floor of the Rosenberg LLRC. Availability is limited based on adequate funding and staffing. Joshua Gray of Library Administration schedules this room. Call (415) 452-5456