Media Services


Moving Parts and Gears

The Audiovisual Department (A/V) and Broadcast Media Services (BMS) work together to facilitate your access to the many services we provide.

Educational Technology teaches teachers how to use technology to enhance classroom instruction.

The Helpdesk is an entirely different area.

Audiovisual (R305): (415) 452-5411

  • Multimedia Room Reservations
  • Using DVDs, films, etc. from Collection
  • Public Address Systems (microphones & speakers)
  • Overhead projectors
  • Repair services
  • Technical support

Broadcast Media Services (Ax169): (415) 239-3525

NOTE: A few factual errors/implications exist in the above video.

  1. Same day requests are Kryptonite. We require a five-working day notice for equipment requests in order to serve the college in the most effective way with our limited resources.
  2. Though we might "fly" during our busy delivery schedule, Superman may be unavailable to visit your classroom. Certain areas and types of equipment on Ocean Campus are handled by the Audiovisual Department in R305.
  3. Student reservation & check-out of equipment and our computer labs are limited to BEMA production students for their course-specific projects; the general public/student body do not have access to our student production equipment, including computer and production lab space.
  4. We are limited by resources, time, and copyright law in our duplication services. Also, we are unable currently to record from cable television due in part to the funding crisis.
  5. Superman says hi.

BMS offers ...

  • TV/DVD/VCR carts
  • Mac Mini/DVD/VCR/Speakers/Projector carts
  • Videotaping lectures
  • Video copying and format conversions (under significant legal specifications)
  • Video Production Planning and Support
  • Audio Production Planning and Support
  • Website improvement and support (staff time permitting)
  • Broadcast-related technical support
  • Consultation services (recommended BEFORE you consider purchasing broadcast-related equipment)