Linda da Silva

The mission of the Facilities Department is to plan, construct, maintain and operate safe, effective and inspiring physical environments that encourage successful teaching and learning.

The physical environment makes a difference in education. Research links student achievement with the quality of the built environment (new and modernized buildings and grounds, lighting, indoor air quality, thermal comfort, acoustic quality). Safe, secure, well designed and maintained facilities have a positive effect on student performance, attendance and satisfaction. Our campuses must facilitate an organic, nimble, helpful approach to teaching and learning, fostering curiosity and creativity.

Our vision is that CCSF's Ocean Campus, eight Centers, and various other instructional and administrative sites throughout the dynamic neighborhoods of beautiful San Francisco are jewels in their communities; that our facilities embody the value of education; and that our sites are places where students, teachers and the community want to be.

This Facilities website is designed for you to learn more about the services we provide, important information about the buildings and grounds of our campuses, and the exciting school modernization program that is renewing and transforming our built environment. This website is updated regularly.  I invite and encourage you to visit often for current updates and information.