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All browsers can view the site: these messages are just for folks editing pages.


A group of pilot participants had preliminary training from our initial consultants. CCSF developed a training plan through the TLC during the summer of 2009. Training sessions started in October and November 2009 and continue currently.

Trainings are reserved for those designated to create/update department and "project" sites. Individual faculty members should use CCSF Google Sites to create an instructional page. Instructors who created sites using Dreamweaver, or other html editors may continue to use them.

Q & A

Do I need an account? My supervisor/co-worker/department head already has one.

Everyone who works on the new site must have a personal account. Logins are now attached to a person, not to a site and logins should not be shared.

I just changed browsers and love using Chrome! Why doesn't the CMS work anymore?

Firefox is the preferred browser for the CMS. Internet Explorer and Chrome will not work.

How to get involved

What is the process for getting an account so that I can work on the site?

1: Get an account on the system: Fill out the CMS Account Request Form

  • Print it out.
  • Sign it and obtain any necessary signatures.
  • Send the form to the address on the form at least one week before the training session you choose.
  • Filling in the account request form (and submitting it on time!) allows the site admins to create your account so that you can be admitted to and work on your CMS pages in the training sessions.

2: Sign up for a CCSF CMS Training

  • If you want to add more than the one-session training allows, drop into the TLC lab. Lab Aides can oftenhelp. Or make an appointment with Vic Fascio ( 
  • Remember: so far these are for department/project/school representatives only—not for individual Faculty or Staff. A Google site built with a CCSfmail account are recommended for individual faculty/staff.