Teaching an Online Class

Process for Teaching an Online Class

CCSF requires that faculty participate in District mandated training with the Educational Technology Department (TMI) before teaching an online class. 

Faculty interested in teaching an online class must have actively used an LMS such as Canvas or Insight, CCSF's learning management systems, to tech-enhance a face-to-face class for at least one semester.

If you are an active Insight or Canvas user choose one of the options below: 

  • Interested in developing a new online class
  • Interested in taking-over an already developed online class
  • Interested in using an online class developed for another college or university (choose either the new online class tab or the already developed online class tab)
Information about the three areas above can be found on the links to the left. 
Faculty must be trained in connection with a specific course. The course identified serves as a laboratory for the faculty member to use in the development process both learning the technology and pedagogy of online delivery.

Application Process

The Distance Learning Advisory Committee in collaboration with the Educational Technology Department, selects courses for new online development. Department chairs and faculty work with the Educational Technology Department when a faculty member is trained to teach an already developed online class. 

New Online Class Applications for development of new online credit courses are received throughout the year and reviewed at DLAC meetings. Faculty who have never developed an online class for CCSF and who's application is approved for developing a new online class must take the SFCCD mandated training. Trainings are offered 2-3 times per year and are filled on a first come first served basis. For more information please see the link to the left.

Taking Over an Existing Online Class Faculty interested in "taking over" an already developed online class must first talk with their department chair and the faculty member who originally developed the online class. A "take-over" meets the definition only if the faculty member "taking over" the existing online class is given permission to use the content from the existing online class. For more information please see the link to the left. Applications for "take-overs" are taken throughout the year. Faculty who have never taught online must take the District Mandated training.