Insight Info for Faculty

INSIGHT, CCSF’s ONLINE LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is a powerful tool to increase retention and student success!

Let the Ed Tech Department teach you how to use the multitude of Insight tools in one of our many workshops.

Faculty are required to complete the self-paced, online, "Orientation" training before using Insight. Sign up here.

Insight is available to for all credit classes.

Orientation: New faculty will learn the basic Insight navigation and features. Offered online anytime! Face-to-face. (1.5-3 hours)

Forums: Advanced forum features including how to grade and manage groups, encourage interaction, and more!  Face-to-face. (1.5 hours)

Grade book: Calculate grades, organize and display the grade book for students. Face-to-face. (1.5 hours)

Learning Objectives and Course Tasks: Using checklists, completion tracking, and the attendance module to monitor and manage student progress and increase retention. Face-to-face. (1.5 hours)

: Feedback Files, Marking Guides, and Rubrics—great tools for SLO assessment. Face-to-face. (1.5 hours)

: Make course content interactive and engaging while understanding the pedagogy of online learning. Face-to-face. (1.5 hours)

Voicethread: Engage students with media-rich discussions and lectures. A great tool to increase student success! Face-to-face. (1.5 hours)

The upgrade to the newest version of Insight is complete.

All faculty who want to continue to use Insight for tech-enhanced classes in spring 2014, are required to complete the Transition to Insight 2 training either online or in-person.

If you did not complete the Transitions class, please contact Nathan Steele at

Transitions to Insight 2 Training

All faculty who would like to continue to use Insight after fall 2014, are required to complete either the online or face-to-face Transition to Insight 2 Training.

If you did not complete the Transitions class in spring 2014, you will be able to complete the training in fall 2014. For more information, contact Nathan Steele at

Learning Outcome for the Transition to Insight 2 Training
An instructor that finishes this course will be comfortable using Moodle 2.4 upgrades for navigation, quizzes, assignments, gradebook, forums, course management, and file management.
Support After the Transitions Training
After the structured part of the Transitions Training is over, please feel free to use the Transition to Insight 2 online course as a resource.