New Part-Time Faculty

Welcome to City College of San Francisco!

(Instructor, Counselor, Librarian, Nurse, Instructionally-Related, Substitute, and Emergency Hire)

New Hire Packet

Please read and follow the On-Boarding instructions carefully:

Do not begin the On-Boarding hiring process until you have been contacted by the Human Resources Department and the hiring department has officially notified the Human Resources Department that you have been hired.
Please also note you should not begin teaching until your appointment has been approved and you have completed the On-Boarding process.

The following documents are to be read, completed, and/or retained by the employee. Please print and complete the forms with (*) and bring them with you for your appointment.


  1. Directions to 33 Gough Street
  2. Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) *
  3. Human Resources Information Sheet (HRIS) *
  4. Tuberculosis Examination *
    • Complete the tuberculosis examination process as soon as you are notified.
    • Your employment will not be processed until the Human Resources Department is in receipt of your tuberculin test report.
  5. Live Scan *
    1. Locations
    2. Complete the fingerprinting process as soon as you are notified.
    3. Make sure to fill in the "Applicant's Information" section on the "Request for Live Scan Service" form (attached) prior to your visit to the live scan agency.
    4. Your employment will not be processed until the Human Resources Department is in receipt of a copy of the completed "Request for Live Scan Service" form, including the live scan agency's information.
    5. Please inform the operator of the live scan agency to conduct both DOJ & FBI services.
  6. IRS Form W-4 *
  7. Statement Concerning Your Employment in a Job Not Covered by Social Security (SSA-1945) *
  8. New Hire Pay Method *
  9. RAM Pay (Pay Deposit Advice via Email Request Form) *
  10. Official Transcripts *
  11. Graduate Credits Used for Salary Calculation *
  12. Part-Time Faculty Salary Schedule
  13. Part-Time Faculty Pay Calendars
  14. Instructional Calendars – Day and Evening/Weekend
  15. Sexual Harassment Employee Information
  16. Eligibility for Retirement Contributions (STRS and Social Security) *
  17. STRS Retirement System Permissive Membership (ES-0350) *
  18. CALSTRS Cash Balance Booklet (COM-1522)
  19. CalSTRS Member Handbook (COM-1519)
  20. Faculty Voluntary Sick Leave Bank Contribution Form
  21. Faculty Handbook


Please note, at the time of your appointment you will be required to bring official transcript(s) and/or employment verification letter(s) to meet the minimum qualification requirement(s).

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